Your Journey

I had some beautiful sessions with clients this week working with the Akashic Records.

One thing that was so emphasized this week was the importance of our own individual journeys. The journey that you created for yourself in this lifetime.

So even if it was hard, if some days it was unbearable, frustrating, or just darn right awful – it all mattered. When you look back at it – what did you learn? Did this stuff make you a better person, did it make you stronger, did it give you a different perspective on life? Even the part of your journey where you stuffed up massively (I can personally put my had up for that one), what did it teach you?

When you start looking at that part from the perspective of lessons learnt for your own greater good you will be blown away by what it means. So if you are maybe today feeling sad, resentful or hurt by past events – put this spin on it – what did you learn?

It is new moon this weekend, so a lot of this stuff will come up and you have to start dealing with it, analyzing it and thanking it for coming into your life. After all you are the captain of this ship and you created the journey.

And then there is also the aspect of understanding that your story matters. So often the Universe puts people in our path who is right in the middle of going through something tough and you have been there, done that and you have gotten the t-shirt. And you survived.

So speak out about your journey, share what you have learnt, share how you survived and how your life was impacted. That one thing that you say might change their life, might give them clarity, hope and inspiration to go on.

So don’t ever discount the validity and impact of your journey on the lives of those who cross your path. It all matters!

Much love

Yolandi xxx


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