The Week 7 – More Fear

I am actually writing this a week later as a week ago at this time I was driving in the car on my way to the most frightening experience of my entire life. Well, maybe not, but it sure as hell felt like!

During the week I was called by Alain from Zone Radio to do an interview on the Akashic Records on the Sunday evening. If you know anything about me, you will know that I have this crazy fear of speaking in public – so I had to laugh after I put the phone down.  The Universe basically just kicked me in the butt in a big way!!  Refusing the interview would be crazy as it is a great way to spread the word about the Akashic Records, so I really had no choice. Sure I had a choice to say no but that would just be insane, so I put on my big girl panties and threw myself into the deep end.

The whole week I worked on myself and trying to prepare for the interview, and then on Tuesday Diane messaged me and said I should come and present a workshop on Akashic Records at Amber Moon. Yet another thing that was sort of on my to do list but kept on dropping to the bottom, so yet again I thought what the hell seeing that I am in a week of getting out of comfort zone let’s just roll with it. So first one booked and set in stone! Another fear to face.

So I survived the interview, you can listen to it on the site, and it was such great fun and I loved sharing the knowledge about the Akashic Records. It was such a special evening and afterwards I got to spend some much needed date time with Rob – celebrating the interview and catching up and having a lovely time!

I am so looking forward to the workshop now and getting the opportunity to work with some special people. I will just keep on working on this fear, but at least after the interview I thought to myself if I could survive that I could pretty much survive any other thing the Universe chucked my way.  I also realise that I have a huge responsibility to share my knowledge and to serve others through this, so no matter how scared I am of doing all of this I know that I will always get through it and I know that my Guides and Angels will always be there holding my hand and making sure that the right message gets to the  right person in the room.

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