The Week 5 – Fear

This week has been such a wow week for me – I almost feel like I have taken off an old coat that I have been wearing for years and chucked it in the bin forever.  It was really a week of finding my power and starting to open myself up.

I went to an awesome networking meeting on Wednesday – please note that I detest having to talk to strangers – it is just one of those things that you have to do when you own your own business apparently!! But why!!!

It is weird, if I meet a client and I know they are coming to see me, I love the interaction, but if I need to go and introduce myself to a complete stranger I just want to  run away.  So much so that in my previous life (as I call it) in the corporate world, I was always the last to put my hand up for networking meetings or doing presentations, that also contributed to me not growing as much as I could have.

So now having my own business and relying on myself; I have to put on my big girl panties, go out there and network.  I have to get up in front of a room full of strangers and talk about what I do.  And then it is not like I have one of those straight forward let me tell you what I do jobs – reading past lives isn’t really something most people even think about – so that just adds to my anxiety levels a tad more!

But then in came this lovely lady called Zunia and she did this amazing presentation full of lovely tips and tricks about how to survive speaking in public.  FEAR = false evidence appearing real – how profound! This statement made all the difference for me! And it all felt a bit easier and I felt a bit better and for the first time in my life I thought I could actually do this, I could be that person who talks and everyone listens….

On Thursday I got the opportunity to meet up with a lovely lady called Glynis, I basically went to see her to talk about my ideas for 2016 and my business and where it is all going.  I ended up leaving there feeling like my life has changed, what an amazing experience and the main reason for this was honesty.  Honesty with myself about what the big issue is…..  and once again it all boils down to the same thing – feeling like you are not good enough!  Ggggggrrrr, yes I know, it keeps coming up and I am thinking I should probably face this one head on, and now it forms part of the rest of the mission.  Healing myself and working with my angels to make that awful belief get less strong and eventually totally disappear. So yes, it is hard, and yes it is even harder work, but my goodness how quickly I can feel the difference and people are commenting on my behaviour too.

So between the amazing presentation and an hour of being honest with myself it feels like there has been a massive shift for me.
And for the first time in many weeks things are feeling light and airy.

And I feel pretty darn happy.



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