The Week 30 – Death By Public Speaking

I just love how things work in my life.
So I really think my Guides have an evil sense of humor. If you have read some of my previous blog posts through the year you would have read about my debilitating fear of speaking in public. Something that I have carried with me since school. Weirdly enough I had no issue performing in various stage plays as a character of sorts, but the minute I have to stand up and speak as me I just want to die. Shortness of breath starts, my heart races and if I could throw up I probably would.

So in the last 8 months or so I have really been put through the ringer by the Universe. Firstly end of last year I was asked to do a radio interview about my Akashic Record work, this luckily I survived – no death by speaking in public there. Then I was asked to do a few workshops on the Akashic Records, again survived it and actually really enjoyed it – and no death by speaking in public there either. And then yesterday I had to do a presentation on the Akashic Records to a room full of people. Actually standing up in front of a projector and speak….. I mean really!!!

And yes, I don’t say no to these opportunities, because I know that I need to get over myself and I know that every time you do this it gets easier. But still I live in absolute dread up until the moment I have to get up there and talk. I can’t tell you how much I meditated, spoke to my Guides, called on the Archangels and Ascended Masters and asked all of them very, very nicely to make me survive this talk.

And yes, I did not die, I did not throw up or pass out from lack of breath. I did it, I was scared as nuts when I started. I was super nervous but eventually I started calming down and I survived it all. And I loved it, it was so absolutely wonderful to share my knowledge with the people, to share my passion with them and to teach them something new.

Overall it was a lovely morning, the people I presented to was also lovely and very supportive so that really helped a load.

So I won’t stop saying yes to these huge challenges that the Universe throws my way, I will probably keep being scared, but at least next time I will be a little less scared.  So keep it coming guys, I am ready for it!

Much love

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