The Week 3 – Power

This week has been all about Power!
About my power about other people’s power, about us all starting to stand in our power.  I was amazed by all the synchronicity happening, Wednesday meditation ended off with us being shown an amazing video about Marianne Williamson’s speech at the Parliament of World’s Religion gathering this year. It was so inspiring and just made me realise once again how important all our voices are no matter how small.

Then the next day doing a reading the overriding theme again was Power and standing in your own power. Then on Friday joining my meditation group written on the board the theme for the morning was Power – AGAIN. So by this stage I was starting to realise that maybe it is something that I need to think about, I mean how many times in one week can I be shown something significant and ignore it…..

So then looking at it from my own personal perspective it became very clear that over the last few years I have really not been standing in my own power. I have really been giving my power away and the shocking thing was that it is not to anyone out there. I realised that through my own negative self talk and bringing myself down I have actually diminished my own power. The only one who took my power away was me….

It was a bit of a shocker as usually it is much easier to turn around and blame another person out there, but now I had to own up, suck it up and take some responsibility here. So now what…  Well, let’s see, it all seems to fit nicely with what I have been working on the last few weeks. I am on a mission to stop the negative self talk and this awareness and constantly stopping myself has really worked for me so far. This does not mean I have stopped completely but heck it is sooooo much better than it was before I started.

As part of my mission to connect with myself and get to know me better, I have now added getting my power back. Starting to connect with what I believe in, starting to connect with why I am here and what I am suppose to do.

I have made some huge strides in connecting with what I am suppose to do, I feel like things are finally starting to fall into place and make sense and that by believing in all these answers and believing in my own ability to achieve this I will really start taking my power back. This whole ‘feeling scared about going for it’ attitude has got to go, and now is as good a time as any.

So wish me luck, the mission continues and I am feeling super positive and optimistic about it all!

With love
Yoli xxx


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