The Week 29 – Lemonade anyone?

A week of lemons

So wow, I am not even sure where to begin.  I have just gotten back from a two week trip – a trip into nature, a trip that left me so in love with the world and the calmness that I experience when I am far away in the bush with people that I love and animals and birds roaming free. Driving back, myself and Rob were all Zen about life and about how amazing everything is and how privileged we are to be able to spend time in nature on such a regular basis. It is really an uplifting experience.

Then we arrived back home and it was as if the Universe went – well seeing that you had 14 days of no worries or stress (mainly due to the lack of communication with anyone or anything – no cell reception YIPPEE) – let’s just pile this baby up for you and welcome you back to real life in a spectacular fashion. And so the proverbial ‘popo’ hit the fan in so many areas of life, I had to actually sit myself down this week and find space to breath…..  From things around the house breaking, to people messing up in HUGE ways and a bunch of other human related issues. I mean really!!!!

Yes, I know I am suppose to be all calm about it and not freak out, but wowzers!

So today I spent a huge amount of time meditating, talking to my Guides and generally just calming myself down to a flat panic.  And to be honest, it actually works.  I am now walking around like a total monk.  My insides are calm, my solar plexus is free of that bunched up feeling (like you want to throw up – you know that one?).

I had to also laugh this week as twice in one morning I received cards that has to do with taking the lemons and making lemonade. So the thing is to sometimes listen, I even looked out the window and saw the lemons hanging on the tree outside – so there you go! It is good for me and the sour lovely taste will make me smile.

So I am off to go and make some lemonade….  and yes this weird meditation and connecting with your Guides stuff really works, and it really works for me, so thank goodness for that.

From a much calmer me – have a fantastic week and keep breathing (it really helps!).


Much love


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