The Week 28 – Trees

So I am actually busy at the moment trying to write down my story of my two week trip on my Wild Hearted Adventure. I have not really been paying much attention to blogging, but my inner head mistress have now piped up and nagged me to at least write something else, seeing that this is actually my weekly platform for airing my views and learnings, and waiting for me to try and complete this massive story might take a few weeks and then I get out of the habit of writing and sharing stuff with the world out there. It is a bit like going into internal hibernation, still creating but just in radio silence….

What I once again realised this week is about how we are all so truly connected. Whilst on my recent adventure trip we at the end of the trip really started looking at ourselves as trees – all connected together and supporting each other.  Then Tracy this week posted a beautiful You Tube video of research on trees in forests.

Basically showing that there is an underground network of roots all connected between the various trees and how trees send carbon and nitrogen to each other via this network. There is also a big mother tree that communicates with the other trees of different species and even trees that are dying sends their last bit of resources to other trees in the network. This just all makes me think of how we are essentially just like the trees in the forests, we are all connected to each other through our energy vibrations. We are part of this huge network in the world and we send positive and negative energy out to each other. So even though we are all so extremely different we are still connected, we are still one, so it is so important to send out the right messages in this huge network of our lives.

Sending that all important message of love to everyone around you…..
In that we can help and support each other to grow, not to compete, but to use our connectedness for growth.

This week also whilst driving back from school with my boy Ben in the back of the car, I noticed him sitting in the back seat giggling and waving. I then realised what he was doing, he was waving and smiling at people on the street and people in cars and taxi’s all around us. And then I saw a lady with the saddest face staring out of one of the windows and when she saw this little boy with a big smile waving, her whole face lit up and I realised how important it is to share that lovely energy with each other again.  She drove away with a huge smile on her face and I just thought how that one little act of kindness have now probably turned things around for her for that moment, who knows what is happening in her life and how hard it is, but that one smile made a difference.

We are all connected, so go out this week and walk around with a smile, look people in the eyes and smile, be like a little kid again and share the love. Everyone needs it, so share it, even with only a little smile.

Much love and smiles
Yolandi xxx


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