The Week 24 – Trusting The Process

I have had such a lovely week last week and getting stuck back into work after our holiday.

I really enjoy doing the Akashic Record readings, it involves a lot of questions on behalf of the client and I always go with the answers that are given to me. Through experience I have now learnt that you can’t try and go with what you think, you just have to trust the process and believe what you get from the Guides. Don’t try and be clever about it, just listen 😉

But then there is the Spirit Guide readings, now these get me super excited. This also entails a lot of question but the most fun part is the messages that the Guides like to convey to the client.

I really love ‘automatic writing’ when I do this reading. This is a lovely skill I was taught and it involves blanking out your brain and just writing. No thought, you just let the pen scribble over the pages and keep writing until that pen stops. I usually sit back then and have a read.

I have also invented for myself what I call ‘automatic typing’, this is me just sitting, staring at the screen and then typing. As I do touch typing, I can really let rip with this one. At 70 words a minute a lot can get through.

For me this is just so lovely and I just write what comes out and then this is presented to the client when I do the reading. And I always have to laugh at how these words speak true to clients, and then I think but this stuff just came out my pen/keyboard…..  but then I realise how much our Guides want to communicate with us. How much they have to say and share and about how we should just take the time to listen.

So for myself I have now also taken up automatic writing, I don’t just use this to communicate with my client Guides but also with my own Guides.  What I usually will do is if I am battling with an issue or I need some guidance or direction I will use automatic writing.

Make sure you sit down somewhere quiet, be very specific with your intention and what you are asking your Guides. It is very important to be specific and clear with your questions – an unclear question will receive an unclear answer. I also find asking nicely and using please and thank you is very important too 😉

I then just starting writing, no matter what comes out of your pen just start writing. And if you feel like you are stuck and nothing is coming out then just write something like – I don’t know why I am writing this but I am just writing for the sake of writing etc etc – so keep doing this until something starts coming out. You will be soooooo startled by the answer you get if you just let go and trust the process.

We have to start realising that we can not control everything in life, you can not control what is going to come from your Guides either, so let go and let flow.

So give it a try when you have a question, make sure you are in a quiet space, invite your Guides in and be sincere in your asking. The answers are all there we just need to get them onto paper.

Good luck and enjoy and let me know how it goes!

Much love
Yoli xxx

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