The Week 21 – Harmony

That moment when things change….

Sunday before last, was a beautiful sunny morning, my partner Rob was participating in the Cape Town Cycle Race and my son and I were heading to the beach with the grandparents and then the first text arrived…  He had been in a crash and a bit banged up, I ring him and no answer, so now I wonder is he ok…. Worry, worry, worry.  Then a few minutes later the phone rings and I hear sirens in the background and his voice sounding all over the place.  On his way to hospital but he is fine.  Me not convinced.  Few hours later and lots of waiting and worrying – it is a broken collar bone, some badly messed up ribs and a concussion and he has to go into surgery.

So that was my morning! Oh and I had to find a car parked somewhere in Cape Town and find a lost bike too.

So that just made me think about how we live our lives in comfortably planned ways and then everything gets turned upside down by one incident.

Then I read the beautiful quote posted above and the first part just totally got me: Unexpected things were always going to happen but the only control you have is how you choose to handle it.  And that was the big lesson I had to learn over the last two weeks.

My life is pretty awesome on a normal day, I am blessed with a partner that pulls his weight and does tons for me and our son. Then he gets hurt and incapacitated and life pretty much changes in an instant. And my carefully planned schedule and lovely routine that I thrive on is chucked out the window. And then just to make sure I really, really learn my lesson the universe will let lots and lots of other things go wrong too, delayed flights etc etc.

So that is when you read the above quote and you go – righto that is so meant for me!

And then once again I realise how I every day have to learn to function on both levels – my awesome spiritual level but also here on my beautiful earthly plane. I can’t just constantly escape into my spiritualism – I have this wonderful third dimensional existence that I also need to embrace and live. I chose to be here, I chose to create this life and I chose to live it. So what else to do but embrace it and mix it in with my connection with the Divine. This in turn leads to me being so much more grounded and calm and then when I get faced with the sh*t hitting the fan in the world around me – I consciously choose to respond to it with courage, humour and grace!

Yours in balance and harmony
Yoli xxxx

PS:  Rob is much better and healing nicely and being properly appreciated for his amazing contribution to our daily lives xxx

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