The Week 20 – Past Lives

So in my job every day I get to explore in the beautiful Akashic Records and find out for my clients what it is that is holding them back, what it is that makes them make those negative choices or feel those unwanted fears and how this is linked to past lives.

It is something that I do every day and that I totally understand and it all makes sense to me and it is really something that I know works, understanding and removing that negative energy is the starting point for making big changes in your life.

And then as I go through life I also have issues and become aware of my own choices and fears and I know a lot of these are present life issues but then there are those past life issues that I know and that I can feel. And for me going into the Akashic Records for myself just does not work, because we as people when it comes to ourselves have a much less objective view about things, we prefer to see what we want to see. So in life for me it is easy to look at other people’s issues for them and make them aware but for myself I find this extremely hard.

So I have been walking around for a few weeks with this niggling feeling that I need to clear some stuff for myself, that I need to somehow try and figure out what it is all about.  And then my guides just seem to send me to the right place at the right time where I meet someone who also works with past lives the same as I do and she is in the country for a week from Germany on holiday and she can help me. Well how lucky is that then, or shall I just stop giggling and thank my guides for putting me there.

So I met this amazingly interesting lady who had been doing this same work for more than 30 years now and totally understanding why it is so hard for me to do my own reading. So I managed to see her before she left this week and exactly as I had suspected a whole bunch of things came up, things that I am now ready to hear and that I was not ready to hear 2 years ago when I started this journey. So hooray for divine timing and hooray for our Higher Selves knowing when the timing is right for us to heal from more intense experiences.

I managed to pin point a lot of my choices and behaviours and linked them back to my reading with this lady and now the journey starts, I have already started with the required Reiki to help the letting go process. I have also figured out that I really need to start approaching my own healing in a very practical way as that is what my personality type really requires. Simple and plain step by step elements to deal with fixing myself.

I am excited for the next few months of integrating all this, I am excited for taking responsibility again for my choices and the consequences that I create and for changing my old habits now that I understand where they stem from.

Life is beautiful!
Yoli xxx


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