The Week 19 – Me, Me, Me

I found this today on Facebook and then this just reinforced my whole ‘Authentic Self’ journey.

I think we all forget that despite everyone around us and our relationships that the most important thing really is about how I treat myself.  I have to start with me….

I have to start with loving me enough to set my boundaries, to secure my space first and look after myself. Somehow whilst growing up we lose this very important aspect of our being.  When I look at my little boy and his behaviour, he is really all about himself at this stage, he loves being himself and is very precise about his own needs, and because of this his truly loved by all of us. So at what ages do we all of a sudden go – me second and everyone else first.  I was trying to pinpoint when this happened for me but I find it very hard to remember.

Regardless, of the exact moment, I have recently made a conscious decision to start putting me first again.  I have to bring back the self love, my boundaries and my space. Being a mom, a partner and a healer makes this quite difficult sometimes, but for the first time in ages I am starting to get this right.  And for the first time I am not feeling ‘guilty’ about putting me first, believe me I still struggle and catch myself wondering and sometimes asking if it will be ok. Then I also have to remind myself that Rome was not built in a day – getting myself to 100% is going to take time and ups and downs, but eventually it will once again become part of me.

The wonderful consequence of this choice to start putting me first is that everything in my life seems much better, my relationship with my family, my partner, my clients and myself. It is as if the minute you start loving you, loving the rest of the world just happens.  The wonderful energy of acceptance just seem to radiate outward.  A lot less strive, a lot less stress and a lot less worrying.

So for now, I am loving this new journey.

I AM my most authentic powerful self!

Yours in love
Yolandi xxxx


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