The Week 16 – Spirit Guides

So I have had such an interesting couple of weeks and it has really felt like things have become a little clearer for me.

I have been on a great search for connection with my spirit guides. In this type of work that I do it is really essential that I totally ‘trust my gut’ when doing readings for clients and since I started working like that it has been amazing. It all links back to the not trying to control stuff and just going with the flow lessons that keep coming up for me.

Last year a close friend berated me whilst doing Reiki on her and told me that I needed to speak what I am ‘hearing’ and ‘feeling’ whilst working on clients.  Since I have started doing that it I am surprised by what comes out my mouth sometimes, but I also know that this is what they need to hear.

I have been looking into channeling and how it all fits together and came across some amazing footage recently, and the main message was – ‘You need to be willing to be a fool for ‘God”.  So whoever your ‘God’ is – and whoever you connect with – that is who you should be trusting no matter how silly you think the things that come up for you might be – you need to speak and share it! And be that fool – say what needs to be said!

It is really all about you trusting and loving yourself enought to give your guides the space to come through and speak the truth. In turn you will then also be able to connect with the guides of your client, their loved ones and anyone else who needs to speak.

I also think the big conclusion for me has been that the minute I started ‘loving’ me more and started trusting me more, it got easier and the listening got way easier.  Once I opened up my heart to the universe everything just got easier and I seem to be walking in my truth more and more.

So maybe this week, become still and ask them to connect, because that is basically all you need to do! Don’t be scared – they are on your team for a good reason and they will be there to guide you along, always ask them to provide you with what is best for your highest good.

Lots of love

Yoli x

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