The Week 14 – Leaping

It has been such an amazing week and I have met the most amazing people and clients this week. One thing that I have found with all of us is this immense fear of leaping forward into the unknown. Leaving behind the comfort zones that we are so settled in.  Having to take those first few steps down that dark, dark path is enough to make you lose your breath and start hyperventilating.

Then I start thinking back over the last year and I came to a shocking realisation about how much I have changed. I remember starting this unknown journey last year and about how utterly petrified I was for 2015 to start, how I had no clue as to how it would all turn out and what would happen to me.

Realising for how many months I let that fear govern me, how much of the year I wasted worrying about where I was going.  And then I think about the word ‘wasted’ and I also realise that it was not really ‘wasted’, more about learning to figure out what makes me tick, what makes me scared and facing those little monsters head on.

Then I start feeling grateful for all those tears, all the fears and all the doubts, because it made me stronger, and I feel a bit like a survivor. I know it probably sounds a bit melodramatic, but if you are stuck in that position you know what I am talking about, you know how crappy and awfully scary it is.

I am so grateful for all of it, because now I am in the fortunate position that I can feel complete empathy for my clients, when they walk in here and I see myself a year ago, I know, I know they will survive and I know I can give them courage and share my own personal experiences.  Once again I realise how amazing this Universe is, how the right people always seem to ‘find’ each other at the right time. Somehow we all get guided on each other’s paths, we meet each other at the exact right time and we get to make a difference.

So may your own journeys be magical, may you take those fears and doubts and learn valuable lessons from them, but know that you get to leave them behind as you grow, you get to thank them and put them up there with all the millions of other lessons and fears that you have conquered. You are an amazing human being!

Yours in journeying
Yoli xxx


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