So this week I was once again truly amazed, and I am sitting here smiling as I sarcastically say to myself ‘Of course you where’….

I know, I know, it is a bit of an internal joke with myself. I am actually not amazed, I should have known, but I like to conveniently look over messages that my guides give me…..  I am totally human too you know!

Anyway, so let’s put you in the picture.  Last week I wrote about ‘Intentions and Desires’ and I told you about the exercise of setting intentions, so on my intentions board that I put together I stuck a picture of an Egyptian Goddess and as an intention I put out there that I would like to learn more about that. Not sure why I put it there, but it filled a space on the board and I loved the way she looked.  Then this week happened.  I went to a Soul Journey workshop on Saturday and I have been sat with some questions in my mind about what is coming up for me next as I constantly feel like there is something new around the corner.

So Journeying work is extremely sacred and beautiful. Through internal meditation you are able to answer some questions for yourself.

So on the Saturday we first started off with a meditation, meeting your Spirit Animal for the moment, the animal that you will work with, it is basically another type of guide that will assist you in your journey.  So what came up for me was the Rhino. So Rhino’s are all about history, they are about the ancient knowledge of the world.  That immediately brought something up for me – last year I had done some work and had been told that I need to connect with ancient knowledge – at the time I had no idea what it was about – and generally when this happens I shelve the information as I know when the time for me is right it will all make perfect sense.

Then later in the morning we started with our journey – so you have to create your question and you will then journey by yourself to find out your answers. So the facilitator does rhythmic drumming and you then close your eyes and start your own meditation listening to the lovely sounds around you.  You have to ask permission to enter this sacred journey and state your question clearly – my question was about what this ancient knowledge is that I need to connect with – I then started off.

It was such a beautiful experience – I was immediately taken to Egypt where I met with an Egyptian Goddess who guided me through what I needed to know and what I should be looking to learn and find out about.  I really understood what she showed me and it all made perfect sense. It was such an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful for what I got from it.

Now I have totally given up on thinking about co-incidence in my life, I now live in a constant belief of synchronicity. So last week I put it out there that I wanted to find out about the goddesses and this week I found my answer (of course I did 😉 ). I have also been inundated with Egyptian articles, books and tours.  So how exciting.

This just once again proves to me that if you put it out there the Universe will send you the answer. You just need to make sure you are prepared to listen.  This journey ahead is going to be an interesting one for me, but it feels right so I am holding on for this roller coaster ride once more!

So make sure you put your questions out there clearly, and then open your eyes and ears for those amazing answers even if it does take a year to get to you.

Much love
Yolandi xxx


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