Stepping Up

Stepping Up

So I have been surrounded by TV shows, quotes and articles on Stepping up.

So ‘Stepping up’ what is that all about – well, for me it is all about removing yourself from the comfort zone, from the floor that you are currently lying on flat on your face and feeling sorry for yourself.

I used to be all about comfort zones, the last few years before I decided to ‘step up’ was all about staying in the same place, doing the same thing and making sure that my fears won’t get triggered.

So then the Universe obviously forced me to ‘step up’ or find a new comfort zone. I chose to ‘step up’ and got into this new profession of mine. But then you go ok cool, I have stepped up now I can again get back into my next comfort zone of my new profession and life. And me I love a good comfort zone, with nice blankies and cushions and TV set on romantic comedies – happy place. And then just as I start to settle, again there the Universe goes – ‘come on Yolandi, can’t just sit on the couch and be happy with the new life you have created’ – noooo, then I get given more challenges and changes.

Now the thing is, that despite my love of comfort zones I have lately realised, through a lot of introspection and fantastic life lessons that the only way I get to do cooler stuff and to grow and to get to a happy state is by pushing myself and ‘stepping up’ even more. Assessing what scares the sh*t out of me and make sure that I do that.

I know, why you ask, why woman why?

Because I can!

So as most of you know I am still and forever struggling with my public speaking issue, so what do I do, I go and book speaking slot and create workshops so I get to speak to more people. Yes, I know crazy!!

But my theory is that if I don’t face the beast head on I will never ever be able to live with it and it will always be the most scary thing in my life.

And guess what, it is working, each time I get up there and I open my mouth it gets a little itsy bitsy bit better. Even so much that yesterday after my talk I felt happy and I thought I don’t want to stop doing this, it might become a new comfort zone even….

So for all of you out there who gets to read this – what scares the pants of you? What makes you want to throw up and crawl into a hole? Find that and do more of it, face that beast because guess what it might be the happiest place you could find for yourself.  Take some time and think about what makes you freak out, why does it make you freak out and then go and do it!

No more fear, it is overrated and way too debilitating for my liking, so my list of scary stuff is damn long, I have lots of stepping up to do.  Can’t wait to get going!!

Much love Yolandi xxx

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