This Soul Profile Reading is really designed for clients who want to find out more about who they are at Soul level. This reading shows you where you really come from and what your life lesson is for this incarnation. This is also a great way to find out who your kids or partner is at Soul level too.

How does a Soul Profile Reading work?

Before you and I meet, you provide me with basic personal details and I will then access the Akashic Records. We then meet, either in person or on a call to discuss the information I have compiled.

What information do I provide in the reading?

– Your Soul Group – where you come from

– Gifts and talents of your Soul

– Your Soul personality

– Your primary life lessons and messages from your Guides

South African Rate

R1333* – Soul Profile and Guidance (60 minute session)

International Rate

US$133* – Soul Profile and Guidance (60 minute session)

*this includes a recording of our session.