So once again here I am giggling at myself – when I did my Intentions and Desires boards the other day – I put a sentence on my Desires board stating ‘simplicity’. Once again at the time not sure what I wanted to achieve through this but I stated that I needed to work on simplicity within my life.  And there the request went out to the Universe.

So on Thursday afternoon I had the wonderful opportunity of attending a talk and healing session by Patrick San Francesco.  It was sooo refreshing to have someone who is obviously very spiritual being so light hearted about life and about what he does for a living.  I tend to find spiritual people rather serious and the work they do also to be very serious. But this was awesome, he was one of the funniest people I have ever met and his philosophy about how to approach life was seriously refreshing.  This also made me realise that I should really remind myself to stay in a lighthearted state of being.

So at the core of it we are all here to enjoy ourselves, to have fun and appreciate how amazing it is to be on earth. And all of us seem to forget this one simple fact. We chose to come here. We did not choose to come here to suffer and hate every second of being here. We chose to enjoy. So start by making things simple for yourself. What are you trying to achieve – you are trying to live a happy life. So when you wake up in the morning you choose how you feel, you choose to come down the stairs to the breakfast table with a smile on your face. You choose to enjoy your breakfast and smile about how wonderful it is that you are alive today and that you are able to breath.  You choose every single reaction to things that happen to you.

The words that people speak over you – you choose how to react to these. If someone tells you, you are fabulous you say thanks you smile and you move on. If someone tells you, you are stupid or awful, you take it on and you replay it in your head continuously and so you go on. You forget that the words they speak are because of their own issues and very little to do with you at all. So now you let that determine how you feel and you once again choose your reaction to it.

So why don’t we just simplify everything for ourselves – choose how you feel, choose what you take on, choose how you react. The only person that can make you feel crappy about you is you. So take some responsibility and choose the best for you. It really is not that hard.

I am making this my own mission to implement this simple change in my life – analyse and choose to respond positively.

So thank you Universe for putting me in that room on Thursday and for letting me once again realise how simple it is to make my own life easier.

I choose simple!!

So see if you can start doing that this week, in the last 3 days it has taken my stress level down a bunch I promise you.  And minimized stress is good for all of us so what have you got to loose…..

Much love

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