Peru Magic

I am back from my magical trip to Peru! Not sure if you followed my travels via Facebook or Instagram, but it was really an amazing experience and I am so grateful for everything that happened and for following my heart to go on this journey.

I was not sure what to expect and attempting this on my own, half way around the world was also a new adventure in it’s own. Lots of self-reliance and trust came into play, which was also part of my inner journey (how clever is the Universe!). So I have been trying to summarize what the trip was all about for me and what my most profound learnings have been and it is quite hard but also very easy. My intention with the trip was to connect with my inner wisdom and knowledge.

Firstly, every single person that I met on this journey taught me something about myself and made me awake to another part of my own wisdom. Then the amazing places that I visited and the energy I experienced in every place changed me in a big way. The new information I got from teachers, guides and places was also fantastic and at times extremely overwhelming.

So during my journey it became clear that no amount of clinging to any dogma, process, old pattern, beliefs etc will ever connect me properly to the Divine – this life with all the ups and downs is here to teach me to rely on myself and to fully understand that I am forever connected right from the start to the end of it all, and within all of this is my own wisdom. I have to consider that I have been here for lifetimes, that I have done this, that I have done good and that I have done bad and at the end of the day it all comes down to right now. Is my heart clear of sorrow, hate, pain, resentment, fear and so much more? Because the more I work on this the more I understand myself and the more I connect with my own wisdom. So I don’t have to rely on others or anything outside of myself but only on what is within – a beautiful, old, wise soul who can guide me 100% on this journey!

So Peru taught me and highlighted the fact again that I am in total control of this journey. I am fully responsible for all of this and I am fully in charge!

I also loved how I was shown that it is just so easy to be in Divine connection, there is noting complicated, but how we love to make it complicated because we are not good enough and because how could I ever be working with that energy and with that much love, poor little me! Nope, I am so over this now. So the mission is to take full responsibility for myself this year, create from a place of so much love, teach from a place of love, guide from a place of love and make sure that my heart stays as pure as it feels right now.Don’t get me wrong, none of this stuff is easy, but being aware and missioning to try your best for yourself and making sure you work hard on yourself is the best thing you can ever do!

So I hope for you that you put yourself first, start delving deep within cause once you get to that place, when you break through that wall and see the massive treasure chest of your own inner wisdom, you aren’t going to want to stop and you will be inspired to continue on this beautiful journey that we call life.


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