So living in the Cape is always a mix of sunshine and rain in the winter time. Freezing cold at times but then you get a day like yesterday where the sun is out in full force, the sky is clear and all the smoke and pollution has left the bay.

As it was such a beautiful morning our first thought was to go and hike in our Nature Reserve – barely 5km’s from our front door. We packed our rucksack and headed out the door.  I always love going out with my two boys, Ben our son, is always a bit reluctant to head out to the mountains as he knows how much me and Rob LOVE walking and just won’t stop. So he has really learnt from a young age just to go with it and keep walking.  As we started off the walk, it is a massive amount of uphill. Beautiful and surrounded by fynbos and proteas that instantly lifts your spirit and makes you not focus on the cold stiff legs that need to warm up. Ben was complaining about how heavy his legs felt and Rob imparted one of his usually gems of wisdom

So for some background – he is a long-distance cyclist and by long distance I mean he has done 1400km’s at a time, so this is the type of stuff he loves.

So he explained to Ben that when you start on a very long bike ride the first bit of the ride is always the hardest. Your legs and your body has to get used to this movement and to the strain, this takes an hour or two. During this period your body is in the process of producing endorphins.  Edorphins are the hormones that make you super happy, so once there is enough endorphins your body starts to release this and you start forgetting and not thinking about your sore legs and your tired body. You actually start enjoying the experience and having fun and somehow the same tough ride seems to be so much easier than when you started.

So that then made me think about our lives and the tough mountains that we sometime have to climb. Starting right at the bottom of the mountain, once we start walking up and trying to deal with this mountain (problem), it seems super hard, so hard that we don’t actually feel like starting it at all. But off you go, you take it one step at a time, moving ahead at a slow pace. Then you keep going because you are wondering what is around that next corner and also when will you actually get to that top part where you can take a rest.  You keep climbing and climbing and then eventually even though you are still moving up hill you start to feel a little happier, a little more smiley, you start seeing the flowers, you start noticing the beauty that surrounds you and you start feeling grateful for the amazing views that you see all around. And as you move even further up the more the endorphines keep increasing and more happiness creeps in. Then eventually you get to the top, you get to sit down on a beautiful little bench and look down at the steep path you just conquered. You can feel grateful for all the lessons learnt along the way.

We all have these mountains that we are faced with so very often, but if we just keep on going, just keep walking then it eventually gets easier and we get to the top. We have to remember that during all uphill battles eventually the endorphins will be released and that the happiness will come back, we just need to be patient, but it will happen and then there is no stopping us.

Everything in life is a mountain, every single project you undertake, every hardship, every new thing you have to learn.

So be strong, keep climbing your mountains, because the fun part is looking back and feeling proud about the lessons learnt.


Much love

Yolandi xxx


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