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Mountain Bike Musings

So this morning me, my husband and my 8 year old son all went along to a lovely place called Somerbosch. It is a local wine farm with some mountain bike trails.

So I basically got back onto a bike 3 weeks ago the first time in I think 6 years and pedaled around the local park with the boys. Then Rob suggested trying some ‘easy’ trails and always the keen adventurer I accepted the challenge.

My oh my, what a beautiful morning. So most of it was fairly easy around the vineyards on gravel roads with beautiful views and scenery surrounding us.Then after quite a while we got to a place called ‘Bang Bos’, in English this literally translates as ‘scared forest’.

This was my first encounter of single track. So it does what it says on the tin, it is a small track that you have to keep your bike wheels in.
Yeah right! Easier said than done!

First thing Rob said to me this morning, where your face is facing that is where your bike is pointing and if you see a rock in the road, don’t look at it as your bike will go there. I tested this theory out this morning and it really worked.

So my mission on the single track was to keep my eyes on the road ahead, not too far and definitely no looking back.

So as I was cycling through the forest concentrating like nobody’s business it struck me how similar this is to life.

Living in the moment, focusing on what you are busy with right now. Not worrying about what is happening too far ahead in the future because
then you lose touch with what is happening right in front of you and this could end in a disaster. Definitely no looking back as you need to turn your head and this means your bike wants to go there and once again this could end in disaster.

So by concentrating on what was happening right in front of me I managed to complete the single track without coming off, I just focused on what I was doing and enjoyed it so much. No worrying about in front or behind.

And that for me is really my message for the week, be in the moment, enjoy what is happening to you right now, don’t fixate on far off and what is happening around that corner that you can’t see. Don’t worry about what has happened in the past, you are beyond that now, no point in turning back and worrying about that.

So try this week to focus on the moment that you are in. So much of our energy is wasted on the future and the past that we miss the fun that is to be had right now…..


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