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I absolutely love meditations.I have also now gotten into the habit of at least 4 to 5 times a week taking a 15 minute window and falling into silence.
This is something that I always try and reiterate with all of my clients. The need for silence is essential.

Every week I am told by people that ‘I just can’t connect with my Guides’ and my question is always, so what are you doing?
Usually it comes down to not much…. hoping a voice might pop in and have a quick chat or maybe some awesome sign from the heavens will appear.

Well guys, to be brutally honest, it does not work like that and this all takes a bit of practice and commitment from your side. Yes, I know, I don’t want to sound like a teacher wagging my finger, but the truth is to be connected and live in a connected way we have to show up, we have to show up as often as we can.  And I also know as someone who lives a busy life with my family and a household and running my own business how mad and crazy things can become, but I make time, I book slots in my diary if needed because that reminds me constantly that I need to show up for this!

So whilst meditating yesterday (btw my meditation consists of me putting on some meditative music, setting a timer for 15 mins and having a lie down on my bed), an idea struck me…

Ok, so let’s quickly backtrack here – I know that meditation is all about quiet time and the ‘rumour’ is that if you are so evolved you can sit there for a week and not think a single thought…  but that’s not my personal take on it.  For me personally, meditation time is when I talk to my Guides or rather when I listen to my Guides and calm my adrenals down to a grinding halt. So my rule with myself is that I don’t get to think about home stuff or my clients or anything that is worrying me.  I stop, I listen to the music, I breathe deeply, I connect with my breath, I become my breath. I imagine myself as this beautiful mountain grounded on the earth and all the little thoughts that want to creep in as clouds floating past the top of me.  And usually before I start I will say to my Guides show me what I need to know today or if I have a question that I need guidance on I put that out there. Then whilst I am in this super calm state of breathing and being in the now, often the most amazing ideas and answers pop into my head.  And then I know we are talking. Then I know the Guides are working their creative magic.  So I let this run it’s course and when done, I return to the breathing again and the not worrying and not stressing and just breathing and being part.

So there is no way I can ever say to anyone that my meditations are all Zen and about just being because all my questions are answered in that still space. So when I am telling you that you need quietness I mean you need quietness from your everyday worries and stresses.  Stopping and breathing is the most important part. And even if you can’t sit still for 15 mins, maybe you can do this whilst you are out walking your dogs, or whilst you are sitting crocheting or painting or gardening.

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves and try and be this media image of a monk on a hilltop.  We are human and it is freaking hard on a good day to quiet your mind.  But make time guys, cause that is when the Guides come and help out.
So anyway after that ranting and raving section, as I said in the first line, an idea struck me…
I thought I would record a meditation for you, so if you are struggling to connect then have a listen to this, it is a guided meditation to go and meet your Guide and have a bit of a chat.

Guidance & Coaching

I hope you enjoy it because I had a lot of fun making this for you and I do believe that you will have a beautiful experience connecting.  Use it as often as you want and may this be a good introduction to creating a still space for yourself and taking time to talk to Them.

Lots of love

Yolandi xxx

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