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Joy and Peace

So it was quite an interesting week and after a long while of thinking that I need to get onto doing weekly video’s I have finally listened to my rat message this week (Wednesday Wisdom) and got my butt into gear and got going. And it was fun to do.

So if you haven’t watched it – check the video on my Facebook page.

So in the video I talk about a decision that I was grappling with and having to make a decision.  So that morning I put it out there that I needed an answer and my answer for then was to put positivity towards the situation and move on. Which I then did, and I just left it – no more thinking and adding to the fuel of the fire. A few hours later I was chatting to a good friend and we where talking about something totally unrelated to that situation but a sentence that she uttered struck such a cord and I realised that my answer had arrived.

She said – if something does not bring you joy or peace, why are you doing it?

And that was it, I took those words and I measured it against the issue that I was grappling with and my answer on both was a big NO. So that sealed the deal, I knew exactly how to proceed…

But that also made me realise later when I sat alone unpacking everything and rechecking my thought process of joy and peace – how often are we making decisions based on what brings others joy and peace but not ourselves. We have been taught from a very young age that we need to take others into consideration, that we need to look at what the societal norm is, what is the ‘right’ thing to do, and right at the bottom of the list is you and your needs.

Now my philosophy that I am busy forming in my life as we speak (obviously this is a HUGE lesson for me to learn this time round) is that I need to start focusing on things in my life serving me.

My standard pattern is to take everyone into consideration, which is obviously lovely BUT this leads more often than not, to me NOT being in joy and peace. So what I am staring to realise is that my entire being is shouting out very loudly here for me to start listening. I am constantly being faced with choices now that asks: is this right for me……

So I will have to start evaluating my choices based on the beautiful words from my friend and from the premise that I need to start serving myself.

So how are you making your choices? Ask yourself the simple question ‘Does it bring me joy or peace?’ – and think if it is actually serving you….

Much love

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