Intentions and desires

Intentions and Desires

Last week I went to my weekly meditation class and we did a very interesting exercise.

I have previously done vision boards, and love to do them with my clients too but I have never done this before. It is basically an intention board and then a desires board. Now intention being what you actually want to achieve, basically something that you will be actioning in the near future. Then desires being stuff that you are looking at in the far future or even stuff you are wishing for.

It was quite interesting to do this. My intentions was very clear about what I want to do in the near future. It had a lot to do with my family, my business and just general things that I want to do at the moment. Then when it got to desires, it was a bit different, I realised that my wishes are all about travelling and experiencing freedom but then one came up and I was not sure why I put it out there but it was about creating simplicity in my life. Then as we spoke a bit more afterwards I realised that it was actually something I was actively pursuing and needing right now in my life, so I had to actually start looking at moving that to my intentions board.

Now the point of this blog today is to basically bring up the following – I think that we forget to sit and think about what we want to do with ourselves and our lives. We don’t make time to do that introspection. So this weekend if you have 1 hour spare (because this is really all it takes), grab some magazines, still yourself and ask the Universe for some guidance. Open up the magazines and start seeing what unfolds for you – cut out the pictures that speak to you and then arrange them as either a desire or an intention. The point is that we need to start tuning into what we want to do with our lives – we can’t just sit around and hope those awesome Guides are going to take us somewhere if we have no idea where we want to go. They are not going to tell you, so you need to start making plans and after that actioning those plans and then they will guide you to the right places to make this happen.

And make sure you distinguish between desires and intentions – wanting to visit Nepal is on my desires list for instance, this is not something I see myself doing in the next year, but I am sure as heck not giving up on that dream so I will keep it on that list to remind myself that I have to at some stage move it to my intentions list. Having more fun is on my intentions list, this has been something I have been working on – don’t laugh – it is a serious problem for me – I am a very serious person and like to make everything serious, so it is something I have to work at 😉 – and I have to have in my face every day to remind me so I make work of it and do it! And I have a load of other stuff on my intentions list that needs actioning, so I am going to be busy for a while.

So go and have some fun with this, it is all part of getting to know yourself and it really works for me. Also make sure you put it up somewhere you can see it often, and check back every month and see how much progress you have made. I am always amazed when I look at my vision boards from previous years and see how far I have come. Tick it off if you must, but keep on tracking your progress and enjoy the process.

Much love

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