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Integrity and Trust

This week has really been quite interesting. It has felt a bit like I have been bombarded by the same message from my Spirit Guides. And waking up very early this morning I just realised that I need to share this with you. So here goes….

I do a lot of Spirit Guide readings for people. A Spirit Guide reading is basically me connecting with your Guides and finding out who they are, what they are doing on your team, what messages they have for you and a bunch of other cool things.

I absolutely love this reading, there is such a beautiful feeling of bliss connecting with them and finding out what they have to say to the people I am reading for. They are such amazing Souls, and they have chosen you, you all decided together that they would assist you in this life time and that is what makes it even more special. So they totally have your back and they are invested in your spiritual growth here on Mother Earth. Nothing is random, it is all planned and agreed.

So people are always asking me how to connect with their Guides.  And how do they know that this is really their Guides ‘talking’ to them?

Well, I myself struggled with this for a very long time.  I have spent most of my spiritual journey questioning myself and obsessing about this thing that we call ‘the ego’.  Almost looking at this like the little devil on my shoulder trying to trip me up all the time, making things difficult for me. It has taken me a very long time to start trusting what I am feeling and thinking and hearing. And then this week it hit me, well, my Guides made it super clear to me that I have to, have to stop thinking that this stuff that comes up in my head is my ego speaking to me. But how, we have been so conditioned to believe that this evil thing called ‘the ego’ is trying to lead us on the wrong path. Well, it comes down to this:  I live my life with integrity, as a rule I do things that are in my best interest and in the best interest of the people around me, I generally try and be the best person that I can be. So based on this if you live a life of integrity and you are trying your best why would what you are thinking and feeling not be in your best interest, why would you need to question what you are thinking and feeling?  Well, for me that was a pretty good question, and I really had nothing to dispute it with. So my conclusion after all this thinking was that I don’t need to doubt any of what comes up in this whacky head of mine. My ideas, my thoughts all of this is guided by my pure intentions and if my intentions are pure then the thoughts and ideas are pure. And ideas and thoughts come from different places, they come from me, my higher self and my Guides. All three of us have my best interest at heart. So what I have to do is keep my intentions in check, I have to make sure that as I am moving through each day that I think positive thoughts, that I do things that uplift myself and others and then what do I have to doubt.

So now that I have explained that little bit, lets talk about how to connect with your Guides. I generally find that quieting my mind is the place to start. I find that 15 mins of being quiet and trying to still my busy mind really helps, also during the day make sure that you don’t get consumed by your busy brain, planning every second and running around without being mindful. Slow down and start listening. If you don’t make time to listen then you won’t hear them talking. Find a quiet space, ask your question that you need guidance on – make sure you breath for a couple of minutes and quiet your mind and then see what comes up, what are you feeling in your body, what are you hearing, what are you smelling, what are you tasting and then see what comes up for you. Don’t doubt that first thought that comes up, if those intentions are pure I promise you it is not your ego chatting.

Start also looking for synchronicities – it you are forever seeing the same bird or animal, get onto Google and check what they mean, if you see the same numbers or colours all round you, get onto Google and check it out. If you get into the car and switch on the radio and the words of the song has extra meaning for you and stand out, have a think about that, I have had many message come to me that way.

So start finding some quiet time and space for yourself and embark on this magical journey.

Much love


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