Hello world!

So how I see it is that we are basically every day taking another little layer off this person that we are all in pursuit of getting to the core of us, our Soul and our true spirit. And this will be an account of my journey to getting there.

I am not sure where I will start but I am sure that once a week I will tell you about my lesson for that week. I feel like I am currently living in weekly themes and I feel that this should be shared with you in my most authentic voice. I have realised looking at other blogs out there that there are many people who has gone through all of this but it feels like no one is documenting how hard it is to go through ‘this growth thing’.

We are all awesome but we go through a heck of a lot to get and maintain this state. So I think I need to share this, as I am sure out there are many of you who are also journeying and who needs to not feel alone. So I will share my story and hopefully what I learn every week will resonate with you and you will see the little light at the end of the tunnel and you will realise that it is all worth it, every hard second, every tear and every moment of feeling that you want to give up is really worth it, because in the end once all those layers are off I will discover my Truth.

And the one thing I am realising is that every time I take a little piece off I am just turning into a more beuatiful and loving being, turning into more of the best I can be. I know and I see every day that I am suppose to know and feel this about myself, but hey this is a journey and you don’t just walk into it the perfect being, loving yourself and being all Zen about it.

It is difficult but I promise you it gets easier. You just have to believe and find a picture in your head of your most awesome you.

So just a little note here – I love to say ‘so’ when I write, so 😉 get used to it as it will be there a lot….


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