Light Language Energy Healing & Guidance Session

Working together with my Healer Guides we determine which emotional, mental and physical aspects of your being requires healing. Working with the Language of Light we send the healing energy of the Universe to where it is needed most. This beautiful modality focuses on connecting the heart and mind again and opening your connection with your Higher Self.

During this session we will start off working with some guidance from the Universe as to where you are at, what you require help with and what the healing is that you are needing right now. We will then move into working with Light Language. This is a powerful tool that helps us to connect with our Higher Self. The language that comes through for you can be anything from Galactic, ancient civilisations or even nature spirits languages. This language is a message of healing from Source directly for you. This defies any mental barriers that we may have and opens the heart to receiving. This healing helps to activate your DNA, and promotes mental, emotional and physical healing. It also connects you back to your own wisdom and intuition.

The session last around 60 minutes and will include a recording of the session and homework for you to do to help with lasting changes.

Healing session Rates:

US$155 – this includes a recording of our discussion, healing and homework.



Light Language Healing Meditations

I also offer Light Language healing as a meditation.

Each meditation is recorded for an individual and carries the intention of the healing that is required by you.  A meditation is usually about 15 minutes long and will included a guided meditation and Light Language spoken specifically for you.

You will be provided with an MP3 recording for your own personal use.

Light Language Healing Meditations Rate:

US$88 per recording