happy place

Happy Place

I had such a lovely weekend behind me. On both Saturday and Sunday we made time to go for long walks in nature. Saturday was a little forest explore and Sunday was a nature reserve walk.

I am always getting messages about how important it is to spend time in nature and again this weekend it just became so obvious as to why I need to be there.

During Saturday morning’s exploration of the little forest near our house and other areas that we have not yet walked, I found myself with the biggest
smile on my face, my boys were happy, the puppies were happy and I was happy. The fresh air, the blue sky and the trees surrounding us really did the trick.

And then on Sunday we hiked in the nature reserve and took one of the extremely steep climbs up to the mountain. It was an interesting challenge with an 8 year old who likes to start a walk with a bit of a moan all the time. But my husband has explained to him that about 30 minutes into exercising the en-dolphins (endorphins) start to rush in and then you will start to feel all happy and energised, whilst dragging him up the climb the comments where flying about no en-dolphins being around and then as soon as we reached the top, sat down and admired the view he immediately commented on how they seemed to have arrived. He was all happy and almost running the next section of the hike.

Again the beautiful proteas, blue skies, amazing ocean and mountain views made my heart sing and so much gratitude poured into my heart.

Sometimes all it takes is just a few hours out there to put life back into perspective and to make us realise how much we need nature. She is not expecting anything from us, she is just there growing, being, and just existing. Everything is so effortless and unforced, it just happens. It is a constant reminder that we need to be more like Mother Earth – focusing on being, on being in the moment….

So make some time to connect with Her and find your happy place.

Yolandi xxx


Photo Credit:  Rob Walker

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