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Gratitude for people

So I am back and well rested…

Last week Monday I went into my annual Santa Shoebox hole and emerged late on Thursday evening. For 4 days a year I stop work and help out with the logistics of shifting 4000 shoeboxes filled with love to 4000 children who live in our area here in the Cape.

Now this is not a post to talk about what I did, but more about why this is such an important week for me each year.

This week is a reminder for me each year about humanity. About the people firstly who take the time to lovingly fill these shoeboxes for a specific little person. Boxes filled with messages, beautiful items and just amazing love. These people make me realise that people have big hearts, that people are generous and caring and that not everyone is evil or bad. They are ordinary people like you and me who just want to do something nice for someone else.

Then there are the women and men who work at the drop off, the people who take time out every year to come and check boxes, fill cartons and make sure that each boy and girl gets their box.  And then, especially the person running the whole Helderberg operation and also the volunteers who work with the facilities who receive the boxes. These guys do this just because they care, because every year they go back and see the little faces of the kiddies who get these boxes and the gratitude of them and the teachers. It is such joy filled occasions and even on Thursday evening when we where all exhausted and just in that done space, the one lady told us how she just got a call from an orphanage where we delivered boxes and the little kids where dancing around and that it was the happiest day of their lives, they could not stop saying thank you and they even told their carer today they feel like they have a mommy and daddy.

This project just makes me realise how important small acts of kindness are.

So as I sit here I am filled with gratitude and love. Thanks to so many people out there for being you, for caring and for doing lovely things for other people. You restore my faith in the goodness of mankind each year.

Much love
Yolandi xxx

PS: If you would like to get involved with Santa Shoebox a nationwide initiative make sure to register at and join us for 2018.

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