So I haven’t written for a while now as I have been very busy and now with the end of the year approaching at a rapid speed I am trying to fit all the clients in and finish off all my readings for this year.

I have also realised that I need to start taking some time out for myself. As I have spent the last couple of years really working on those nasty patterns that form part of my Soul Energy Centre, I had to step back again this week and have a bit of a talking to myself.

So I have this awful habit of over-giving. It is the freaking bane of my life and this is something that I have done from since I can remember.  So it places me in a space where I am giving all of my time to everyone around me and with clients it makes it even harder.  Being the empath that I am – if I get a call and someone is telling me about how they HAVE to see me now – then the big softy in me feels sorry and I want to find a space to help them.  And I know they need help so why in the world would I be saying no!!

And with my diary fully booked for the remainder of the year there is limited space for anything other than work. So by last week Thursday I was literally on my knees, loads of clients squeezed in every day and me just giving out my energy to everyone and not taking time to replenish myself. So I had to stop. I had to actually sit myself down and go – enough is enough now.

Why the hell am I doing this to myself?
So after some heavy self analysis it just all came back to one thing – how I feel about myself.
Helping other people makes you feel good, it’s a bit like a drug, and in my job, channeling for people, working with the Akashic Records and being surrounded by the awesomeness of spirit each day is pretty amazing. But then when the work day is finished you are pretty finished too. On a physical, mental and emotional level it is pretty hard work.

Then it just hit me – I define myself by my busy-ness. I remember in corporate the busier I was the better I felt, because busy means that you are wanted and needed and in demand. And here I was no in this lovely spiritual business of mine starting to replicate that little pattern again – measuring my self-worth against my busy-ness.

So noooooo – I was not going to go down this little rabbit hole again.
I refuse to define my self-worth by what others think or by my busy-ness. It was then really a matter of stepping back into myself and reassuring myself of my worth. Reassuring myself that actually I was pretty awesome just the way I was despite any job defining me.

And I think that all of us gets caught in this little trap every now and again.We forget that we need to like us because we like us, not because other people like us or need us.

So let’s all mission to remember how awesome we are because we are who we are.
And give time to you now!


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