Becoming You

In September last year Cat and Lizaene from Panthera Africa Big Cat Sanctuary attended our ‘Connect with Spirit’ retreat near Stanford.  We had such an amazing time with them and at the end of the weekend it came up that we needed to look at how we can include the beautiful animals as part of a spiritual weekend retreat.   A few months later the ideas started coming up and myself and my business partner Natasha started playing around with some creative ideas on how to include the cats in a retreat.   Having both attended animal communication training at Panthera Africa we knew how amazing it was to actually connect with the cats and the fantastic guidance and clarity that they could provide.  So we let the ideas stew a bit and eventually the theme of ‘Becoming You’ emerged for us.  It really connected with what every single cat at Panthera Africa had gone through.  These beautiful animals have been rescued from difficult situations but through all that they still managed to become the best versions of themselves, here to teach each and everyone of us how we can also become the best versions of ourselves.

So this weekend we held the ‘Becoming You’ retreat in partnership with Panthera Africa and it was even more magical than either myself or Natasha could have expected.  We started our work off by choosing an animal from the Sanctuary at random from a pack of cards that we created.  And right from that moment we knew this was going to be an interesting weekend.  Each animal chosen had some aspects that the person who chose them could relate to.  I was blessed with Achilles – he is a massive male lion but he has no mane, he looks like a female lion – that immediately resonated with me.  I always say I have this male soul inside my female body so I had to laugh! He is all about inner strength and wisdom which are all the aspects that I am currently working on for myself. So he was the perfect match for me.

The other 15 participants all got their cats too and so the fun and deep healing began.  We were fortunate enough to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with the cats.  We were told how the cats came to Panthera, what they are all about on a spiritual level and how they are helping the people that connect with them.  Each of us got an opportunity for some quiet time with our animal and to get the messages from them that we need to hear.  We also had a beautiful group meditation surrounded by Neptune and Oliver, the great white lions and Obi, the beautiful tawny lion.  In the background we also had Achilles and Baguira roaring their hearts out for us.  It was such an amazing experience and I felt so blessed to be allowed to sit there with them and connect with them in the wonderful space that Cat and Lizaene had created there.

This unique experience has changed me and touched me very deeply and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for allowing us to share that space with them.  I believe that each person who attended this weekend felt the magic and the healing.  Inside I feel like I can go and conquer the world with my beautiful strong lion right beside me…..


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