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So the last few days have really been a test of my authenticity. Various things have cropped up that has made me think about the work that I am doing and what I am putting out there.

There has been some criticisms and some interesting raising of eyebrows and judgements.

If this was three years ago I probably would have taken this a lot harder but today I am really just trying to see where it all comes from.

I am a firm believer that our judgement of others also speaks to our judgement of ourselves, so whenever I find myself thinking something nasty or saying something mean about someone, I try and see where it is coming from. What am I not liking in myself today, what do I need to sit with and re-evaluate within myself.

So when the mean comment struck my inbox this weekend it took me by surprise as my customers have been so supportive of the light language work that I am doing.  I then also had to put myself in the shoes of that person and try and see where they came from.  I decided not to try and defend my view as it would not help at all and sometimes it is really just better to let things go and not get on my high horse about stuff.

I love what I do and I can see how it impacts others positively, but I also have to realise that not everyone is going to like or understand what I do, they might think it goes against their religion or their beliefs or whatever they might think. But at the end of the day it is my passion, and I work from that place of Divine Love.

So for any of you out there struggling to be who you want to be because of the judgements of those around you, just understand that it is not about you but it is about them. What is wrong in their life to make them judge you. We have to learn to work from a place of compassion and understanding. I know it is sometimes hard, but this is the best way to really work with these hard moments that come up in life.

So rather be in that space of honouring yourself, your gifts and your passion. Be who you need to be for you, not for them.

Once we realise that living our authentic selves is the only thing that will really make us happy life gets a whole lot easier.

So no judgement people! Live your life and be yourself.


Much love

Yolandi xxx


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