Relationships play a big role in your own personal growth and we incarnate together for a reason and to learn more about who we are.

The relationship reading is designed to offer insight and perspectives on how a specific relationship contributes to your own experience.  I also investigate and clear blocks and restrictions that may be negatively affecting you in this relationship.

The reading is not limited to romantic partnerships, but can also be done for parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends.

How does it work?

Before you and I meet, you provide me with basic personal details for you and the other party.  I will then access the Akashic Records.  We will then meet, either in person or on a call to discuss the information I have compiled.

What information do I provide in the reading?

– How many lifetimes has been spent together and how they were spent together

– Both your Soul Group – where you come from

– Both of your gifts and talents of your Soul

– Both of your Soul personality

– Your primary life lessons for this relationship

– Past life blocks and restrictions that are affecting your choices in this life

– The choices and consequences of these and how it all fits together

What then?

I will do clearing work on the blocks and restrictions before we meet.

You will then both be given ‘homework’ to do to ensure lasting changes.



US$297 – this includes a recording of our discussion, the clearing work and homework assignments for both people.