How does a Full Akashic Record Reading work?
Before you and I meet, you provide me with basic personal details and I will then access the Akashic Records before we meet.  We then meet, either in person or on a call to discuss the information I have compiled.  We need at least an hour for this.

What information do I provide in the reading?
– Your Soul Group – where you come from
– Gifts and talents of your Soul
– Your Soul personality
– Your primary life lessons
– Past lives that affected you positively
– Past life blocks and restrictions that are affecting your choices in this life
– The choices and consequences of these and how it all fits together

What then?
I do the clearing work on these blocks and restrictions before we meet.
You will then be given ‘homework’ to do and this can ensure lasting changes for yourself.


US$188* – Full Akashic Record Reading & 35 min foloow up after the 28 days homework completion
US$222* – Full Akashic Record Reading, follow up & Property Clearing to energetically realign your home to your new vibration

*this includes a recording of our discussion, the clearing work done by myself and your homework assignment.

‘The Akashic record healing and Soul reading was profound in so many ways, i let go of so much on so many levels.  My healing business has taken off from only seeing 2 clients a month to now having 15 regular clients already confirmed for September and I am not afraid to be out there in the world anymore, even started with little workshops.  There is a huge weight of fear and guilt that was lifted from me and I am now fully embracing my life purpose in full force.  This session was so profound that I cannot pin point it to one specific thing that you mentioned but an overall ripple effect of Pure Source love that I am finally allowing in all areas of my life.  The continued growth and support can be felt with the ‘homework’ everyday and I can feel that I am also allowing more of my Soul I AM presence into my daily life.

I am immensely grateful for your healing and support and would urge everyone who wants to experience huge shifts in their realities to try this out for themselves.’

‘What a privilege it is that the Universe brought us together on my first ever Akashic record reading, you share an amazing gift with this world!  Just with the reading alone, I could feel shifts happen, I resonated with so many feelings that had been buried way deep inside and the powerful “Aha” moments were just totally amazing.

The 21 day ritual has been quite phenomenal, I remember the first and second days being so powerful, that I could feel the vibrations in every bone in my body. It was quite an emotional journey and I found myself in tears on one day and quite elated the next.  Who could have thought that this ritual could be so profound one minute, quite humbling the next with absolutely amazing results.  I literally felt the shift from day 19 – 21. Yolandi, I truly give you heart felt thanks for sharing your precious gift and it was wonderful to know that you gave your time and support during this whole process, which made it so very special.  May the universe reach many more souls through your gift.’

‘Yolandi read my Akashic Records for me, the reading was amazing and incredibly detailed. The whole process was life changing, she really goes into great depth and I would recommend having this reading done to anyone. Plus Yolandi is such a beautiful soul she facilitates the process with such grace.’

‘By having my Akashic Records read and having you connect to my guides was a truly profound and wonderful experience for me. All the pieces of the puzzle of my life are falling neatly into place!  I highly recommend that each and everyone of us should have these readings.’

‘Amazing!  What a complete eye opener.  Yolandi explained many things and gave me the tools to overcome “things” that have been dragging through many lifetimes with “me”. The 21 days that followed were hectic but I got to the other side and continue to improve daily.   THANK YOU Yolandi.’ 

‘Yolandi read my Akashic records for me. Since doing that so many things are clear to me now and I understand myself so much better. I know which issues to work on and with your help I know what to do. I am also delighted that my children were with me in some of my past lives. It is something that I would recommend to everyone.