The Akashic Records are the energetic ‘database’ that stores all information about all choices that were ever made.  Every Soul has its own Akashic Record, and this contains all information about that Soul, all the way back to its origination.

I access the Akashic Records to inform you about the Divine nature of your own Soul.  I share with you, how through your choices, you have shaped your own experience over the course of many lifetimes.

The information given in a reading assists you to express your own Divine nature in everyday life.  This also offers an empowering explanation as to why you are experiencing many of your current circumstances.

I energetically ‘clear’ your Akashic Records of negative influences created by your choices, both in past and present lifetimes. This in turn gives you a unique opportunity to make new choices and shift your current experiences for your highest good.

There are various readings available using the Akashic Records:

Then I also offer a three month program – using a Full Akashic Record Reading and combining this with inner child healing sessions.  This is called the Divine Path Program and is really created for anyone who wants to make big changes in their life and find their own Divine Path forward.