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2017 Ski Lessons

I have just returned from a magical trip away with my family.  The long summer holiday is officially over now and work has started again and clients have been in and out my door today.  So now that I am back I thought I should share some interesting observations from my ski trip last week.

So to put things into perspective, in 2016 I went for my first week of ski lessons, it was tough but by the end of the week I was up and down some pistes and having loads of fun.  Then the year proceeded and my dear husband and son was keen to go again as this would be the only time of the year school holidays would accommodate it. So off we went to the same resort called La Rosiere in France on the border of Italy right near Mont Blanc.  It is a gorgeous resort and perfect for loads of fun with the family.  So again I opted for lessons but my husband insisted that I join the intermediate beginner class as I would only be relearning what I did in 2016 if I joined the beginner class.  A bit freaked out, I said okay and joined my first lesson on Monday.  Things went pretty well, no falling but then we where basically just going up and down one of the very easy slopes to start the day. But I left very confident and happy by the end of day one.

Then Tuesday arrived and things started going a little pear shaped. My smooth first day was a thing of the past and I managed to fall down at least six times. It was sore, annoying and a little embarrassing to say the least but somehow I got back up and continued down the slopes, the same story on Wednesday and Thursday. One thing I can say for all the falling was that I managed to learn how to put my ski’s back on, on a steep slope – which is a big thing I am told. So for some reason I just kept on getting back up and skiing down and every morning I would go to class with a sick feeling of dread, but on I went and in between all the falling I was actually also having loads of fun.

So by Thursday afternoon, we as a family decided to go onto the slopes to the top of the mountain and to ski down, I was more than a little nervous but with Rob and Ben by my side I got onto the scary chair lift and off we went.  We had to ski a blue run from the ski lift to the next ski lift, it was pretty steep and I do remember doing a lot of what you call side slipping with my teacher on the run, but I sort of forgot how to do that, so I skied behind Rob and Ben and somehow managed to fall four times in one run with my last fall being a spectacular feat of losing my poles, beanie and sunglasses along the way and with my legs completely twisted in a peculiar fashion. I just plonked myself down in the snow and sat and had a huge cry…..  I was finished and wanted to give up!!!

But if you are half way up a 2,500m high mountain the only way down is to walk or to ski….  Walking was not an option especially not in horrible ski boots so I would have to ski. Rob gave me a good but sweet talking to, explaining what I was doing wrong and Ben gave me a big hug and lots of sympathy. I got up, put my ski’s back on and off I went to the next ski lift. After the next ski lift, I somehow managed to get down the mountain with not even one more fall under my belt.

Then as I was drinking hot chocolate at the end of the 2,5 hours, I thought to myself how much the last few days made me think of life in general.

It is all about being on your path, falling down in a spectacular fashion, getting up, having loads of fun, getting scared or forgetting an important rule, falling down AGAIN in an even more spectacular fashion, getting up, wondering why the hell you are doing this, moving on, having fun again, loving every second, doubting your ability again, fall down AGAIN, having a fat cry and then getting up and moving forward again. Repeat…. Repeat…..

So my week of skiing was a bit like life, a lot of falling, a lot of fun and laughter, a lot of spectacularly beautiful moments of being in the moment. It was so wonderful and it made me realise that we just have to suck it up, cause that was the one thing that kept me going this week, sucking it up and walking it off (as my brother likes to say).

So for 2017, just as for 2016, there is bound to be a lot of stumbling and falling down, but then there is bound to be beautiful and magical moments, and those are the ones that I am opting to remember this year.  The falls will be part of it but it will not define my 2017….

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