gratitude jar 2016

2016 Gratitude Jar

It is the 26th and the last two big celebrations for December is past. My 40th was on the 16th and yesterday was Christmas.  Two of my favourite days of the year. As I am sitting here tonight, next to my son busy watching Star Wars, I am overcome with gratitude.

Earlier this year I saw this post on Facebook about a jar with notes of good things that happens.

gratitude jar

So I decided to start one this year, every time something noteworthy happened I wrote a little note and added it to my jar.  It is pretty stuffed and I will be opening it the last day of the year and sharing the memories with my two boys.  We have not done this before and I am really looking forward to recalling the great things about this year. And there has been many!!

I also started a daily gratitude ritual in August this year, and this is actually something I have stuck to.  It really has made such a difference in my life and I can’t even begin to explain how it has significantly changed my thinking and attitude on a daily basis.  If you are into making New Years Resolutions – this is one I can highly recommend, it has literally changed my life!!

The daily practice of gratitude has really connected me to the now.  Each morning after I wake up I take a couple of minutes to write down what I am grateful for, it makes me think about my blessings, it makes me smile and it makes me realise that even if things are tough, and I am having a bad day or going through a rough patch that there are more good than bad in my life.  We tend to get so sucked in by the bad stuff by the little things going wrong that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  We forget that we are alive, breathing, we have people who love us, we love people, we have a house, food, water, electricity. We have loving animals, we have birds outside singing, we have trees outside, we have beautiful sunsets and sunrises, we have sunshine.

There is just so much positive that the little negative is outweighed in the bigger picture.  So for 2017 make an effort to see the light, focus on the light and focus on the positive. We are surrounded everyday by so much negativity, by so much fear.  That will always be there but we can choose not to make that our main focus for the day, no need to put your head in the ground (think ostrich) but choose to see all but only live what makes you happy and what fills your heart with love.

So I hope you had a blessed Christmas with family and friends and that you take a few moments today to say thank you for all that you have.  Go and find yourself a jar and start writing down what you are grateful for and fill it and then next year this time open it up and enjoy all your blessings.  I know I am looking forward to Saturday for the reveal and the gratitude fest here at my house.

Much love
Yolandi xxx

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