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Welcome beautiful Divine Soul!

So how is your search going? Have you found you yet, have you found your purpose yet?

Well, you have come to the right place.  My name is Yolandi, and I am all about the spiritual shit!

I have spent the last 10 years on a mission to find myself, my courage and my purpose and am here now to help you to step into your purpose, your courage and to delve deeper into the Divine being that you are.

I specialise in helping people find their purpose, understanding their Soul better and creating a divine path of flow for themselves in life.  Once we understand ourselves and our connection with our Soul, we can start aligning and working from our heart and our essence.

The problems, obstacles and blocks we experience in our earthly life is an indication of how we are not connecting to our own unique and beautiful truth.  So that little voice, that niggle within you, constantly nagging and saying that there is something more out there for you, that is your Soul wanting to step into its authentic self-expression.  Wanting to come out and live your best life with you!

I will help you to discover your own truth, connecting with self-love and creating those boundaries that you so desperately need to set.  My purpose is to guide you to your truth, to help you muster up the courage to transform and to be there for you to see it through so you can align to your Soul.


How can I help you?

The following readings are available via video call. All sessions are recorded for you.

Full Akashic Record Reading

Discovering who you are at Soul level, connecting with your past lives and understanding your potential.

Spirit Guide Reading

Finding out who your Guides are and why are they working with you and how they will assist you on your journey.

Divine Path Program

A 3 month journey together to create your new path.

Healing Session

Healing session and healing meditations working with Light Language.


Relationship Reading

Understanding your relationship and how you both contribute to the experience in this lifetime on a Soul level.

Guidance Session

Providing you with clarity and helping you move forward by working with your Guides.

About Me

More info about Yolandi and the work that she does


Free meditations for you to listen to


Divine Soul Tribe

If you are an inspired Light Worker then make sure you join my the Divine Soul Tribe on Facebook.  Here I do weekly teachings, meditations and answer all your questions about your spiritual journey.

Learn how to read the Akashic Records More Information

Blogs written by Yolandi


Our Friends

People in my life that made a difference and that I will recommend

Soul Rehab - Natasha Wilscott

I do various retreats and workshops with Natasha and she is a very gifted healer and clairvoyant. Highly recommended if you need guidance in your life! Based in Somerset West but also works via Skype.


Facebook page

Holistic Equilibrium - Erika Wessels

Erika is an amazing massage therapist based in Joburg, for a soulful experience or to sort out your sports injuries please give her a call, you will be amazed.

Facebook page

Holistic Equilibrium Website

Facets - Megan Coetzee

Megan does amazing work with numerology and the Akashic Records and the guidance and understanding that she gives will help you on your way forward. She is based in Somerset West.  Phone her on +27 83 294 4274.

Hearth & Soul Eco Farm

If you need a retreat venue we can highly recommend Sybille and her beautiful soul space. This place is incredible and well worth a visit. Our home away from home.

Hearth & Soul Eco Farm Website

Metamorphosis - Michele Leske

If you are looking for a wonderful healer in Joburg, Michelle Leske specialises in Reiki, Aura Healing, Numberology, Kahuna Massage and Bach Flower Remedies.

Metamorphosis Website

Collette Bach Flower Remedies

Collette specialises in working with Bach Flower Remedies. She is totally invested in creating a beautiful union of mind, body and soul.

Facebook Page

Santa Shoebox Project

One of my favourite charities that I support each year. Making sure that a 100 000 children receive a gift over the Christmas period each year.

Santa Shoebox Project Website

Contact Us

Please contact me so we can arrange a session

Contact Yolandi Today

Yolandi is based in Devon in the UK and recently moved here from Cape Town, South Africa.
She works with clients from all over the world and does this via video calling.
All sessions are recorded for the client and provided for download after the session.
UK Mobile Number: +44 7850 014084
South African Cell Number: +27 82 469 5615
South African Telephone Number: +27 21 300 4040
Email: info@divinesoul.co.za
We will get back to you ASAP!


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