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At Divine Soul my mission is to connect with your Soul.  I do this through working with your Akashic Records and by connecting with Light Language.

If you are trying to figure out why you are here? If you want to know what your Soul really wants and needs, then you have come to the right place. At Divine Soul I show you what your Soul is really here for, where you come from, what has happened in your past lives and how this still influences all aspects of your life today.

The Akashic Records contain all the information about your Soul, the book of your life, where you were, where you are and where you will be. The Records show your choices through all of time.

Through accessing the Akashic Records on your behalf, I can share with you what is holding you back in this lifetime from living in complete alignment with who you are at Soul level. Those past life issues that you weren't even aware of will come to the foreground and we also work on clearing these issues for you.  The short video below sums up what the Akashic Records are all about and why you have a reading done.

My other passion is energy healing and I do this through a combination of Light Language and Reiki.


What type of readings do I offer?

The following readings are available via Skype or in-person in Somerset West, Cape Town

Full Akashic Record Reading

Discovering who you are at Soul level, connecting with your past lives and understanding your potential.

Spirit Guide Reading

Finding out who your Guides are and why are they working with you and how they will assist you on your journey.

Divine Path Program

A 3 month journey together, using the Akashic Records and inner child healing to create your new path.

Healing Session

Healing session and healing meditations working with Light Language.


Relationship Reading

Understanding your relationship and how you both contribute to the experience in this lifetime on a Soul level.

Soul Profile Reading

Showing you who you are at a Soul level, where you really come from and your life lessons for this incarnation.

Guidance Session

Providing you with clarity and helping you move forward by working with your Guides.

Property Clearing

Aligning your property energetically with you and clearing negative unwanted energies

About Me

More info about Yolandi and the work that she does


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Our Friends

People in my life that made a difference and that I will recommend

Soul Rehab - Natasha Wilscott

I do various retreats and workshops with Natasha and she is a very gifted healer and clairvoyant. Highly recommended if you need guidance in your life! Based in Somerset West but also works via Skype.


Facebook page

Holistic Equilibrium - Erika Wessels

Erika is an amazing massage therapist based in Joburg, for a soulful experience or to sort out your sports injuries please give her a call, you will be amazed.

Facebook page

Holistic Equilibrium Website

Facets - Megan Coetzee

Megan does amazing work with numerology and the Akashic Records and the guidance and understanding that she gives will help you on your way forward. She is based in Somerset West.  Phone her on +27 83 294 4274.

Hearth & Soul Eco Farm

If you need a retreat venue we can highly recommend Sybille and her beautiful soul space. This place is incredible and well worth a visit. Our home away from home.

Hearth & Soul Eco Farm Website

Metamorphosis - Michele Leske

If you are looking for a wonderful healer in Joburg, Michelle Leske specialises in Reiki, Aura Healing, Numberology, Kahuna Massage and Bach Flower Remedies.

Metamorphosis Website

Awesome Massage - Sherry Dart

Sherry specialises in Deep Tissue/Sport Massage with advanced techniques and

Myo Skeletal Alignment. She also works with The Lyno Method. She is based in the Helderberg Area.

Awesome Massage Facebook Page

Collette Bach Flower Remedies

Collette specialises in working with Bach Flower Remedies. She is totally invested in creating a beautiful union of mind, body and soul.

Facebook Page

Ambermoon Diane Taylor

Diane runs a beautiful shop based in Gordon’s Bay. She has a beautiful variety of esoteric products and the most amazing crystals all under one roof.

Ambermoon Website

Santa Shoebox Project

One of my favourite charities that I support each year. Making sure that a 100 000 children receive a gift over the Christmas period each year.

Santa Shoebox Project Website

Contact Us

Please contact me so we can arrange a session

Contact Yolandi

Yolandi is based in Somerset West, South Africa.
Appointments can be made for an in-person reading or any reading can be done via Skype or telephonically. All sessions are recorded and provided to the client.
Cell: +27 82 469 5615
Tel: +27 21 300 4040
Email: info@divinesoul.co.za
We will get back to you ASAP!


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