In the Spirit Guide Readings I find out who sits on your Inner Circle of Guides and about who they are at Soul level and their purpose on your team. I will also share with you how they work with you and special messages that they have for you at this time.

How does it work?
Before you and I meet, you provide me with basic personal details and your intention for communicating with your guides.  I will compile a ‘report’ for you based on the information I have gathered.  We will then meet, either in person or on a call to discuss the information I have compiled.

What information do I provide in the ‘report’?
Details about every single Guide:
– Their Soul Groups of Origination
– The most abundant energetic qualities of their Souls
– Their role on your team
– Their name and unique way of communicating with you
– Any specific messages for you

South African Rate
– this includes a recording of our discussion and a written report.

International Rate
  – this includes a recording of our discussion and a written report.


‘With the full Akashic record reading, I was astounded that someone could look so deeply into my soul and reveal to me things that I need to work with in this life. I now know when to catch myself from slipping into those old patterns and ways of being that keep me stuck. The Spirit Guide Reading was phenomenal and I am so grateful to Yolandi for “introducing” to my guides. Some of them I instantly recognised and I am so aware of their love, presence and support on a daily basis. I highly recommend this life-changing work to anyone seeking to transform their lives.