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Be Yourself

So the last few days have really been a test of my authenticity. Various things have cropped up that has made me think about the work that I am doing and what I am putting out there.

There has been some criticisms and some interesting raising of eyebrows and judgements.

If this was three years ago I probably would have taken this a lot harder but today I am really just trying to see where it all comes from.

I am a firm believer that our judgement of others also speaks to our judgement of ourselves, so whenever I find myself thinking something nasty or saying something mean about someone, I try and see where it is coming from. What am I not liking in myself today, what do I need to sit with and re-evaluate within myself.

So when the mean comment struck my inbox this weekend it took me by surprise as my customers have been so supportive of the light language work that I am doing.  I then also had to put myself in the shoes of that person and try and see where they came from.  I decided not to try and defend my view as it would not help at all and sometimes it is really just better to let things go and not get on my high horse about stuff.

I love what I do and I can see how it impacts others positively, but I also have to realise that not everyone is going to like or understand what I do, they might think it goes against their religion or their beliefs or whatever they might think. But at the end of the day it is my passion, and I work from that place of Divine Love.

So for any of you out there struggling to be who you want to be because of the judgements of those around you, just understand that it is not about you but it is about them. What is wrong in their life to make them judge you. We have to learn to work from a place of compassion and understanding. I know it is sometimes hard, but this is the best way to really work with these hard moments that come up in life.

So rather be in that space of honouring yourself, your gifts and your passion. Be who you need to be for you, not for them.

Once we realise that living our authentic selves is the only thing that will really make us happy life gets a whole lot easier.

So no judgement people! Live your life and be yourself.


Much love

Yolandi xxx


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Your Journey

I had some beautiful sessions with clients this week working with the Akashic Records.

One thing that was so emphasized this week was the importance of our own individual journeys. The journey that you created for yourself in this lifetime.

So even if it was hard, if some days it was unbearable, frustrating, or just darn right awful – it all mattered. When you look back at it – what did you learn? Did this stuff make you a better person, did it make you stronger, did it give you a different perspective on life? Even the part of your journey where you stuffed up massively (I can personally put my had up for that one), what did it teach you?

When you start looking at that part from the perspective of lessons learnt for your own greater good you will be blown away by what it means. So if you are maybe today feeling sad, resentful or hurt by past events – put this spin on it – what did you learn?

It is new moon this weekend, so a lot of this stuff will come up and you have to start dealing with it, analyzing it and thanking it for coming into your life. After all you are the captain of this ship and you created the journey.

And then there is also the aspect of understanding that your story matters. So often the Universe puts people in our path who is right in the middle of going through something tough and you have been there, done that and you have gotten the t-shirt. And you survived.

So speak out about your journey, share what you have learnt, share how you survived and how your life was impacted. That one thing that you say might change their life, might give them clarity, hope and inspiration to go on.

So don’t ever discount the validity and impact of your journey on the lives of those who cross your path. It all matters!

Much love

Yolandi xxx


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11.11 Retreating

I joined a beautiful group of people on Saturday to visit some amazing sacred sites right here in Cape Town.

I was not entirely sure why I had to go, like most things in my life these days I sort of just go with my gut.

It turned out to be such a magnificent day. I have been working for the last month with the intention of connecting with the energy of Mother Earth and trying to balance out the energies of the cosmos and the energy of earth. I am really more of as I call it a ‘space cadet’ – most of my healing work and channeling work focuses on working with cosmic energy. I then started getting the messages that I have to look at grounding and connecting with earth energy.

Obviously I had no idea where to start, but I have been picking up bits and pieces to try and complete the puzzle. As with most things on my spiritual journey – I am given little bits and pieces of ‘aha’ moments and then in the end it all makes sense.

And I believe the retreat was another puzzle piece.

We visited a beautiful sacred site in the mountain behind Cape Town in the shape of a pyramid. There is a belief that the peninsula here has it’s own chakra system and that certain points represents certain chakra’s energetically. So the pyramid represents the solar plexus of the area and as you might know the solar plexus is all about letting go of fear and stepping into your power and ultimately your purpose. So we did a lovely sound meditation right under this rock. As I was sitting there with my feet planted on the soil and my intention of connecting with Mother Earth I felt such calm and clarity. I once again realised how important that calm connection with nature is for us to get into that place of surrender, just allowing the message that you need to hear to come through. I was given the next piece to my puzzle as well.

We then climbed to the side of the pyramid. I have this hectic fear of heights and it is something I have consciously been working through for quite a few years now, it is a lot better but my knees still buckle in fear when I get close to an edge. And then as we are sat there chatting and chilling in the sun, our tour guide offers to take us to the top of the pyramid. As I sat there I actually saw myself lying flat on the pyramid hugging her and I thought to myself I should go up there. But the silly fear crept in again… Then I heard someone talking behind me about how fear is just something we create and I just got up and started climbing, I manged to get to the first section which was half way up, a huge achievement in it self, and right at that point there was a little ledge that allowed me to stretch myself across the side of the rock in a hugging movement. I just planted myself there and hugged the rock. I am not sure how long I stood there but eventually one of the guys offered to show me how to get up the last part, and again without thinking I just shuffled across and decided to do it. So I climbed right to the top and got to look through the eye of the pyramid. It was wonderful and I stayed up there for ages!!! It was so beautiful and I felt so happy.

The climb down was pretty easy and luckily my initial fears about how to do that just sort of disappeared too.

I realised again how by just being in the moment we can connect with that inner power and sense and just get things done…
It’s quite simple isn’t it, we just seem to forget sometimes 😉

Many blessings



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Santa Shoebox

Gratitude for people

So I am back and well rested…

Last week Monday I went into my annual Santa Shoebox hole and emerged late on Thursday evening. For 4 days a year I stop work and help out with the logistics of shifting 4000 shoeboxes filled with love to 4000 children who live in our area here in the Cape.

Now this is not a post to talk about what I did, but more about why this is such an important week for me each year.

This week is a reminder for me each year about humanity. About the people firstly who take the time to lovingly fill these shoeboxes for a specific little person. Boxes filled with messages, beautiful items and just amazing love. These people make me realise that people have big hearts, that people are generous and caring and that not everyone is evil or bad. They are ordinary people like you and me who just want to do something nice for someone else.

Then there are the women and men who work at the drop off, the people who take time out every year to come and check boxes, fill cartons and make sure that each boy and girl gets their box.  And then, especially the person running the whole Helderberg operation and also the volunteers who work with the facilities who receive the boxes. These guys do this just because they care, because every year they go back and see the little faces of the kiddies who get these boxes and the gratitude of them and the teachers. It is such joy filled occasions and even on Thursday evening when we where all exhausted and just in that done space, the one lady told us how she just got a call from an orphanage where we delivered boxes and the little kids where dancing around and that it was the happiest day of their lives, they could not stop saying thank you and they even told their carer today they feel like they have a mommy and daddy.

This project just makes me realise how important small acts of kindness are.

So as I sit here I am filled with gratitude and love. Thanks to so many people out there for being you, for caring and for doing lovely things for other people. You restore my faith in the goodness of mankind each year.

Much love
Yolandi xxx

PS: If you would like to get involved with Santa Shoebox a nationwide initiative make sure to register at and join us for 2018.

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