The Week 27 – More Thank You’s


It has been three weeks since my last post and I am sitting here wondering what to write about….  The reason for this is that I feel a bit overwhelmed by the last three weeks, it has been a tad life changing to say the least.

Week 1 entailed me getting married, an epic affair that was suppose to be a light-hearted celebration and ended up being the most romantic day of my life.

Week 2 consisted of me leaving the day after getting married and going on a solo honeymoon with 7 complete strangers. It also involved me sleeping under the stars surrounded by the big 5.

Week 3 consisted of me and my now new family of 7 rowing down the Pongola river, sleeping under the stars and visiting Mozambique to swim with magnificent dolphins.

So I guess you can see my problem! Where do I start and what do I tell you about? I have been blessed with so many incredible life lessons in this time and have returned home to my two boys a completely new and energised person. At the core of my being I am still the same, but deep in my heart I have done a lot of healing, dealt with trust and power issues and discovered new talents and gifts along the way. I have made some incredible friends, that I can now call family and I have learnt how to love and trust new people in a short space of time. I have realised how incredibly important our connection to nature is and how hard people out there are working to try and save it from all of us out there. I have learnt how to respect and acknowledge each and every creature that calls this planet home, how to try and not invade and mess up their space. I have learnt how to heal in nature and how to connect with my higher self through my connection with nature.

So yes, I don’t know where to begin, maybe at the beginning, but who knows. The month of May has been my bucket list month, it has been amazing and I am living each day in a state of gratitude and wonder. I did not realise that my life could change so dramatically in a year, that becoming a spiritual being and putting my trust out there could lead to this. That I could live each moment in awe of how many blessings I receive each day. I keep on wondering about being lucky, but then I realise that we are all that lucky, we just need to start seeing it, because what is important to me is maybe not important to you and vice versa, but one thing I know is that we all need to be still so we can hear the messages. We all need to listen and say thank you, thank you for looking out for me and for caring so much about me that you are willing to bless me so immensely.

So I guess this post will basically be about me saying thank you for my blessings, thank you for letting me get my joy back this month, thank you for letting me realise how important my time is, how important my life is and how important my family and friends are. Thanks for fun, thanks for laughter, thanks for tears and fears, thanks for amazing epiphanies, thanks for always holding my hand and having my back.

So next week, I will start off by telling you some of the awesome lessons I learnt whilst out there in the Wilderness. About how I learnt how to heal in nature and how I learnt to let the wild woman free……



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The Week 26 – I haven’t had this much fun since Thursday!

‘I haven’t had this much fun since Thursday!’
That was my words to Rob and Nerys as we drove away from an awesome scooter excursion in Knysna Forest.  I have truly had the most insane week EVER.

In the car driving back, Rob turned to me and said ‘What happened to my scared Yolandi?’.
I sat back and thought wow, he is right, something in me has changed and I think I am loving it!!!

So to put it all in context – we have Rob’s cousins over from the UK visiting and we have planned a lovely fun filled trip for them.  So last weekend I ended up Shark Cage Diving with Nerys, I was so scared getting in that cold water waiting for the magnificent beasts to swim past, but I sucked it up and did it and man was I glad. I could not stop smiling!

Then on Thursday, we went paragliding off Signal Hill. As we got there I looked at this and thought – I am going to be running off a mountain and hopefully gliding into the air. Needless to say we lifted off and it was the most beautiful experience, amazing views, fun acrobatics and just breathtaking.

Then today we went on a Scootour in the Knysna Forest – it is basically scooters with very fat wheels going downhill in the forest, including mountain bike single track. Me being the absolute speed fearer, I started off and thought what the hell am I doing, this is freaking fast and uber scary.  The beauty of the forest made that first scary descent worth it, and then as I started building my confidence I chatted to my son Ben and told him that mommy is putting her fear on the seat in the car and will fetch it when I am done with the single track.  And my goodness was it amazing, I just kept asking my lovely guardian angel to look after me, lots of breathing and focus and yippee I made it and I totally loved it.

I also had to laugh as I told Rob that on Thursday morning when I woke up I chose two cards from my angle pack – and it was ‘Fun’ and ‘Adventure’.

So on the last two Angel retreats, it became very clear to me that my Guides were really on a mission to turn my awareness to having more fun in my life. To not take things so serious!  As someone on a continuous spiritual journey, my initial thoughts were that this is serious stuff and therefore I should be serious about this. But now I am learning that actually I need to put the balance right… it is all about being all in and developing myself spiritually but I need to make sure that I see the bright, fun and adventurous side of life. That I smile, laugh and not take myself serious. That I get that inner child back into play, that kiddie wants to have fun and if that kiddie inside is not happy then she acts out big time!

So this week was a beautiful lesson in getting my groove back, letting the fun in and also letting the fear sit on the chair whilst I smile my head off because it ended up being fun! I loved the smiling and how my insides felt alive. I also love the fact that I could connect with my little boy again, I loved the afternoon on the merry-go-round and see-saw with him and had good old mommy fun with my baby.

So go out and have some fun and see how the balance comes back. I am going to make a huge effort to keep this up, making sure that I don’t forget again to have fun!

Thank you Guides for making me aware. You always know what is good for me and I am glad I listened. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Lots of love
Yoli xxx

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