The Week 14 – Leaping

It has been such an amazing week and I have met the most amazing people and clients this week. One thing that I have found with all of us is this immense fear of leaping forward into the unknown. Leaving behind the comfort zones that we are so settled in.  Having to take those first few steps down that dark, dark path is enough to make you lose your breath and start hyperventilating.

Then I start thinking back over the last year and I came to a shocking realisation about how much I have changed. I remember starting this unknown journey last year and about how utterly petrified I was for 2015 to start, how I had no clue as to how it would all turn out and what would happen to me.

Realising for how many months I let that fear govern me, how much of the year I wasted worrying about where I was going.  And then I think about the word ‘wasted’ and I also realise that it was not really ‘wasted’, more about learning to figure out what makes me tick, what makes me scared and facing those little monsters head on.

Then I start feeling grateful for all those tears, all the fears and all the doubts, because it made me stronger, and I feel a bit like a survivor. I know it probably sounds a bit melodramatic, but if you are stuck in that position you know what I am talking about, you know how crappy and awfully scary it is.

I am so grateful for all of it, because now I am in the fortunate position that I can feel complete empathy for my clients, when they walk in here and I see myself a year ago, I know, I know they will survive and I know I can give them courage and share my own personal experiences.  Once again I realise how amazing this Universe is, how the right people always seem to ‘find’ each other at the right time. Somehow we all get guided on each other’s paths, we meet each other at the exact right time and we get to make a difference.

So may your own journeys be magical, may you take those fears and doubts and learn valuable lessons from them, but know that you get to leave them behind as you grow, you get to thank them and put them up there with all the millions of other lessons and fears that you have conquered. You are an amazing human being!

Yours in journeying
Yoli xxx


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The Week 13 – Meditation

So things have been a bit manic this week so I am running late on my weekly post, but so be it, at least I am sitting down now and making an effort.  Karen Zoid and Francois van Coke in Kirstenbosch in concert derailed my usual Sunday evening blogging time, but it was worth it!

I spent some time trying to think what I would write about and then went to a new 2016 meditation class this morning. Antonia who does the meditations shared some lovely pictures of the effect of meditation on your well being as well as your aura and the energy that surrounds you.

Now I have been feeling a tad misaligned lately and I do meditate every few days but have really been struggling to focus properly since I came back from holiday. This morning’s meditation focused on chakra clearing and grounding. I felt like a million bucks by the time we finished and all of a sudden everything that was phasing the hell out of me over the last few days seemed extremely miniscule.

I have also been struggling with my son over the last few days, lots of clashing and head butting between us and somehow this afternoon everything just seemed so much easier, he was more relaxed and it was a lovely atmosphere at home. So trying to figure out why – it hit me that my meditation this morning obviously calmed me and my energy and this in turn also affected him and calmed him down.

So this again just made me realise how important it is to keep me in a good space – to make sure I function in a calm and relaxed fashion and this in turn will affect everyone that interacts with me. So the daily meditations will be taken even more seriously now and I will also make sure I do some proper chakra clearing a few times a week.

And remember the energy that you project affects everyone you come in contact with. So be vigilant about what you project!

Sending you lots of love and light!
Yoli xxx

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The Week 12 – Wise Dinosaur

This week has been an interesting one.

My son turned 7 years old on Monday and my Facebook memories brought back a LOT of memories about that time. He was born 2 months premature and spent 21 days in neonatal ICU. When I saw all those old photos of how small he was (1.6kgs) it brought back all those feelings of helplessness and sadness. Then I remembered how it felt like the worst time in my life, like something I could never ever get through. And now here I sit 7 years later and I survived. I survived and I also grew stronger as a result of it and life is beautiful!

Then I started thinking about the last year and about how a lot of things felt really, really hard and every time I wondered if I would get through it and every time I did. This made me realise that I really need to re-evaluate my reaction to tough situations.

Today I watched the sweetest movie with my boy – The Good Dinosaur – and the following quote struck me:

“You have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.” – Poppa to Arlo

So this is such a lovely line to keep with me when things get tough this year. Because this has proven to be so true in my life, every time I got through the fear the beauty on the other side was spectacular!

I will be holding on to these wise words for a very, very long time.

Yoli xxx


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The Week 11 – Happy 2016

Happy New Year!

I have just returned from a week of pure bliss.
We went camping with close friends in the middle of nowhere, literally miles and miles away from civilization, no electricity, no cell signal, no running water, surrounded by mountains and a beautiful river flowing next to our camp spot. It was just our two families having an amazing time relaxing and exploring.

Lots of time to think and appreciate nature and how utterly insignificant human beings actually are in the greater scheme of things. Also feeling a little sad at what we have done to nature and appreciating finding a space that is almost untouched by human hands, a space that still respects the ecosystem of nature.

I also thought about 2016 and what I will be doing this year….. I have spent most of 2015 laying the foundation for my Divine Purpose and it feels like 2016 will be a year of expanding all of my knowledge gained. A year where I can focus on my clients and being of service to them.  I also see amazing friendships growing and new mentors on the horizon.

I am not really one for making new year’s resolutions but these are just a few things that I want to make sure I focus on:

– I will focus on happiness and laughter…..  a big chunk of 2015 was wrapped up in my fears and insecurities. I have worked so hard on moving beyond these and am now giving myself permission to lighten up and embrace my wonderful life.
– I will focus on myself and my family….. making sure that I maintain balance in my work and family life.
– I will focus on no more worries….. no worrying about little things, work and other people’s opinions.
– I will focus on loving more….. myself, everyone around me and the rest of the world.

So I am wishing you love, happiness and laughter for 2016. May you find your purpose, live it and love it!

Much love and light
Yoli xxx


Photo courtesy of my dear Rob.


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