The Week 10 – Thank You 2015

So sitting here this afternoon I am thinking that this is going to be my last blog for 2015.

What a year this has been, if you told me a year ago how things would be this year, I would probably have thought you were smoking  something pretty serious!  A year ago this time I was finishing off my contract due to retrenchment and I had absolutely no
idea what I was going to do….. seriously worried and trying to juggle all the festive season stress and deadlines.

Now fast forward to today, I am sitting here super relaxed, happy and content. My whole life has changed this year and it was a freaking roller coaster ride!  Lots and lots of tears, lots and lots of worry, lots and lots of growing.  But looking back now I feel so grateful for this ride. I can truly say that I have made one of the biggest decisions of my life, I decided to follow my heart for the first time ever.  I decided to stop worrying about what I ‘should’ be doing and start focusing on what my Soul wants me to do.  Focusing on what makes me happy! Focusing on what makes me want to get up in the morning!

It was a lot of hard work, hours and hours of studying, book upon book of reading and learning, but it was fun and I forgot how much I loved learning! I got so stuck in my comfy comfort zone, so getting chucked out in the cold was a big wake up call.  But a good one.

So I guess this blog has to be about thanking the Universe for all that has happened in 2015.


Thank You Universe

Thank you for letting me worry about forgiveness.
Thank you for letting me learn that forgiving myself is the first step to loving myself.

Thank you for letting me be hard on myself.
Thank you for letting me learn that being gentle on myself is the second step to loving myself.

Thank you for letting me have a shitty attitude.
Thank you for letting me learn that I can change this and everything then feels much easier.

Thank you for letting me be scared.
Thank you for letting me learn that being scared does not help me one ounce.

Thank you for letting me not use my voice.
Thank you for letting me learn that the world needs to hear my own authentic voice.

Thank you for letting me have problems with people.
Thank you for letting me learn how to love and forgive them and myself.

Thank you for letting me not trust.
Thank you for letting me learn that trusting you is the only way any of this can ever work.

Thank you for letting me struggle to accept myself.
Thank you for letting me learn that loving myself is why I am here.
So may 2016 be an even bigger adventure than 2015 and I hope the same will be true for you!
Have a beautiful holiday time with your families and I will be back and sparkling even brighter in 2016.

Lots of love
Yoli xxx



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The Week 9 – Gratitude

So today was a HUGE step for me and I am sitting here so filled with gratitude for everything that has led to this moment.

I mentioned before that Diane (my Reiki Master) messaged me a few weeks back and said that I needed to conduct a workshop, now this was something that I had been thinking about for a while, but it conveniently always got put at the back of the to do list.  And then on the day the message came through it was just after I heard about the radio interview and I knew this was obviously the Universe trying to get me to start moving my butt towards where I am suppose to go.

A while back, before embarking on reading the Akashic Records, I had done a past life regression session and working with the intent of trying to figure out what I was suppose to do I had seen myself standing in front of loads of people talking and teaching.  Now this scared the crap out of me!  If you know me well, you will know that I have a near phobia about speaking in public, I literally want to throw up and my brain just goes blank.  So me standing up in front of anyone and talking was not going to happen!  Funnily enough when I was at school I did a lot of acting and stage performances, but that was pretty easy as it wasn’t me up there, it was the part that I was playing. But when it came to me having to talk as myself I just could not do it.

So fast forward to November and all of a sudden I have so speak on a radio show and conduct a workshop, I mean really!! Were my Guides having a laugh? I mean they have an awesome sense of humour but this was taking it a bit far!

Anyway, I committed to running the workshop on the 12th and literally had a couple of days to come up with what we would ‘workshop’! So the thinking had to start and it was so much fun to come up with the whole concept. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get the creative juices flowing. And so ‘Discover your Divinity’ was born.

Diane sent out the advert and we were booked up instantly. Dammit, obviously this was something people would be interested in!

I had such a lovely week preparing for the workshop today, and by meditating and really connecting with my Guides and Angels everything just magically seemed to come together.  I woke up this morning a bundle of nerves and trying to breath….  I kept on wondering what would happen if I just ran away and didn’t pitch!! But I committed and I had to show up, so I sat down, started doing my favourite balance breathing and relaxed a bit. I read some beautiful guidance that I got from Glynis and then invoked Archangel Gabriel, put on my favourite crystal jewellery, used my beautiful AuroSoma Quintessence and sprayed myself with some beautiful Wild Peach Tree Essences and off I went. Listening to some awesome music on the way there I decided that I need to focus on just having fun today, and to be guided!

And that is exactly how it all worked out! It was such an amazing morning with such beautiful people.  We had such a special morning and I can’t even begin to explain to you how grateful I am for the time I spent with all of them.

So my intense fear of speaking in public has now been faced! It was such a mountain for me! And now it feels like it was really nothing to worry about…. I now realise that FEAR really just is ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’.

I am so grateful for amazing people in my life that supports me and pushes me to where I need to be going. I am grateful that I am able to share my knowledge with special Souls out there.  I am grateful that my Guides and Angels helped me through today. I am grateful that I am learning to TRUST.  I am grateful that I am learning to get out of the way and believe that the best outcome will happen. I am grateful for being here, right now.

Lots of love
Yoli xxx



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The Week 8 – Retreat

I have just arrived home after the most amazing weekend Angel retreat.

I went on my first ever retreat.  ‘Time out with the Angels’ retreat was held at Good Hope Farm near McGregor.  A beautiful working farm, filled with animals, amazing hosts and pure bliss and tranquility.

I had no idea what to expect and decided to go by myself and not with any friends, another thing I am not very comfortable with, but it just felt like something I had to do by myself.

Well, was I in for a treat, I am sitting here so relaxed and happy that I am wondering how I am even going to be able to function in the real world tomorrow.

We spent Friday evening getting to know each other, eating amazing food, sharing a few glasses of wine and just relaxing.  Saturday morning was an early rise and meditation at 7am. After an scrumptious breakfast, the workshop started.  It was so amazing with beautiful messages from the Angels and wonderful new learnings.  I just learnt so much and walked away from this weekend with huge changes within myself.

The most important thing that I sorted out for myself was my trust issues.  This affected so many parts of my life and was really the big thing behind a lot of my issues.  I really feel like I can now just let go and place the future into the hands of my Guides and Angels.  Everything is waiting to happen for me if I just make space for them to do their work as well. So 2016 is going to be a huge change waiting to happen, me and my control freakness will have to take a back seat and I will work with them.  I am very excited for this and I am in a space of trusting the Universe and the plans for me.

In the afternoon we swam and I even went on a kayak by myself which was just lovely.  The girls I spent the weekend with was so awesome, so much laughter and joy and so much sharing and love.  It truly feels like a massive bond was formed and I foresee great friendships forming after this, it is amazing how a few days together with like minded people can energize you completely.

This morning we went for a silent hike to the waterfall, it was wonderful and we had an Angel reading done for us by the waterfall.  I have felt such a pulling towards flowers lately and even one day whilst walking I had a sense that I knew things about flowers and plants but never really explored it. Then in my reading today I was told that I need to start working with flower essences as it will help my clients in their healing.  I am so excited by this and will add this to my plans for 2016, so watch this space!

Swimming in the deep pool under the waterfall, laughing and shrieking with all the girls was such a special experience.  Our inner children were let out and we played and just enjoyed the freedom of nature.

The last session before the end of the retreat was a beautiful group healing. It was such an amazing experience to feel the power of oneness, the power of a group gifting healing to another person.  I felt so connected and you could see the change in each and every person after the session, so much healing and so much love.  It is something that I will never forget.

So thanks to Michelle and Jane for organising this life changing experience. I feel truly blessed! I am so excited for 2016 and for finding so much joy!


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The Week 7 – More Fear

I am actually writing this a week later as a week ago at this time I was driving in the car on my way to the most frightening experience of my entire life. Well, maybe not, but it sure as hell felt like!

During the week I was called by Alain from Zone Radio to do an interview on the Akashic Records on the Sunday evening. If you know anything about me, you will know that I have this crazy fear of speaking in public – so I had to laugh after I put the phone down.  The Universe basically just kicked me in the butt in a big way!!  Refusing the interview would be crazy as it is a great way to spread the word about the Akashic Records, so I really had no choice. Sure I had a choice to say no but that would just be insane, so I put on my big girl panties and threw myself into the deep end.

The whole week I worked on myself and trying to prepare for the interview, and then on Tuesday Diane messaged me and said I should come and present a workshop on Akashic Records at Amber Moon. Yet another thing that was sort of on my to do list but kept on dropping to the bottom, so yet again I thought what the hell seeing that I am in a week of getting out of comfort zone let’s just roll with it. So first one booked and set in stone! Another fear to face.

So I survived the interview, you can listen to it on the site, and it was such great fun and I loved sharing the knowledge about the Akashic Records. It was such a special evening and afterwards I got to spend some much needed date time with Rob – celebrating the interview and catching up and having a lovely time!

I am so looking forward to the workshop now and getting the opportunity to work with some special people. I will just keep on working on this fear, but at least after the interview I thought to myself if I could survive that I could pretty much survive any other thing the Universe chucked my way.  I also realise that I have a huge responsibility to share my knowledge and to serve others through this, so no matter how scared I am of doing all of this I know that I will always get through it and I know that my Guides and Angels will always be there holding my hand and making sure that the right message gets to the  right person in the room.

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